12 Most Popular Dog Breeds Among Celebrities


The world pays close attention to all types of celebrity activity, and things are no different when it comes to their pets. It’s no surprise when a famous person’s pooch becomes as popular as its owner, while celebs have been known to make a breed popular, also. These 12 breeds are the most popular ones in the celebosphere.

1. Portuguese Water Dog

If the President likes you, then you can be sure that you’re a pretty popular being, or in this case, a pretty popular breed.

When the First Family was choosing a pet, they natural opted for a dog, as all presidential families.

However, choosing the right breed for them was something a bit more difficult.

After some careful evaluation, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle, and their two daughters chose a Portuguese Water Dog, whom they named Bo. Soon after, this amazing and lovable breed became incredibly popular. No surprise there, since you can’t climb the social doggy ladder higher than by being the presidential pup.

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