20 Things You Do That Cause Your Dog To Misbehave

13. Begging


Few things can put a damper on a good meal like pitiful whines coming from the floor (or from the edge of the table, if Fido is of a bigger breed).

It’s especially annoying – and embarrassing – when guests are present. And, you guessed it again: It’s probably your fault.

The best way to prevent begging is to never let it start in the first place. That means never, ever letting Fido eat food from the table, even food that’s dropped by human munchkins.

For many parents of toddlers, one of the biggest benefits of pet ownership is having a vacuum that comes when you call it, but you have to give that up if you want to prevent begging. After all, Fido doesn’t know the difference between food that’s dropped from pudgy little fingers and food that’s tossed down deliberately.

If you have young children, your best bet is to banish Fido to another room (or to his crate) during meals and snacks. Otherwise, it’s fine to let him stay as long as he isn’t begging. If he starts, remove him from the room. The next day, you can try again, removing him as soon as the whining or pitiful gazes begin. Eventually, he’ll get the message.

Another option is to distract Fido with a favorite toy or treat that you reserve just for family meal times. Used consistently, that tactic will teach him to associate meal times with his favorite toy rather than with the possibility of scoring some table scraps.

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Beagles don’t misbehave ….. their owners do.


Dogs r the best


Pitbulls are the best dogs they are very kind its the owners that give them bad names