20 Things You Do That Cause Your Dog To Misbehave

8. Jumping Up

dog jumping

While some dogs are aggressive with strangers, others are so happy to see visitors that they make pests of themselves jumping up to say hello.

And you may be encouraging this behavior. If you tell Fido to calm down in a sweet voice and inform your guest that, “He just wants to say hello!”, you’re telling your dog that you’re just fine with that behavior.

And why would he stop doing something that so clearly makes you happy?

Your only hope in this scenario is to enlist your guests in Fido’s education. Ask them to bring a few treats (anything that dogs find yummy will work).

Tell them that, when you open the door, their job is to show your dog the treats, then close them up in their fists. Fido will almost certainly jump, whine, and beg, but they’re to do nothing until he sits down to rethink his strategy.

As soon as he sits, they give him the treat. It’s all about psychology. You don’t want to distract him with a treat to get him to stop unwanted behavior. He’ll take that as a reward. Instead, let him know the treat is his for the taking, and give it to him when he’s doing the behavior you want to reward. He’ll soon figure it out and sit to say, “please” whenever guests arrive.

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Beagles don’t misbehave ….. their owners do.


Dogs r the best


Pitbulls are the best dogs they are very kind its the owners that give them bad names