15 Best Watchdog Breeds

April 1, 2019


A dog is a man’s best friend for many different reasons. From companionship to loyalty, every dog has his traits and advantages over others, depending on his breed and heritage.

However, there is one duty not all dogs are capable of doing – guarding. Keeping watch over their household is something certain breeds love to do, and they will always give their best to defend their home and owners.

That being said, here are 15 best watchdog breeds that will amaze you with their courage, determination, and fearlessness.

1. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler’s intimidating size works in synergy with his watchdog nature, which often marks him as a dangerous and vicious dog.

However, that is not entirely true, as this breed is among the most loyal and obedient breeds in the world.

This breed has some of the highest obedience rates of all dogs out there, which means that they would literally do anything their master tells them to do.

They can be well trained in order to respond normally to people, so if you ever see an aggressive Rottweiler, you’ll know that it’s his owner’s fault for not training and respecting his dog enough.

Once properly trained, a Rottweiler will give his last breath towards defending his ‘pack’, which means even kids are safe around these dogs.

2. Boxer


The phrase “a dog who barks never bites” can certainly be applied to the boxer, as he’s a calm and reliable watchdog that can turn any intruder to shreds in mere seconds thanks to his bravery and strength.

With enough force in their jaws to bring down a bear, boxers have been used to fight wild animals a long time ago.

Nowadays, these dogs rarely fight anything, as most potential intruders would live to steal another day rather than going head-to-head with a boxer.

A great thing about the boxer is the fact that he can coexist pretty well with smaller dogs. However, coming in contact with a larger dog might activate his fighting instinct, so watch out for these situations if you’re planning on owning a boxer.

3. Bullmastiff


There aren’t many breeds that are as big and powerful as the bullmastiff.

Aside from his reputation as the perfect watchdog, this breed was specifically bred for over 200 years for the sole purpose of maintaining law and order on its territory.

The bullmastiff originates from Great Britain.

He can grow to weigh up to 150 pounds, which makes him capable of tracking or tackling basically any unlucky intruder.

Also, a male bullmastiff has a head so big and a jaw so powerful, that he can crush a cow femur in his mouth.

Nonetheless, his breed is well-known for his loyalty, affection, and obedience. This breed is not over-protective, so they won’t attack anyone without a good reason.

4. Caucasian Shepherd


The sheer size of the Caucasian shepherd is what makes him a formidable opponent to man and beast alike, making him one of the best and most loyal watchdogs on the planet.

Male Caucasian shepherd can weigh as much as 200 pounds, which comes from their centuries of guarding livestock against threats on miles and miles of open plains.

Add to that the hostile and harsh climate of their native ground, and you have one sturdy, strong, and resilient guard dog.

The only flaw the Caucasian shepherd features is his inability to socialize with other dogs. But considering his history of trekking alone across the vast plains of Russia and Middle East, it’s really no surprise that this breed needs a bit of training in order to function properly in a modern surrounding.

5. Great Dane


With the most appropriate name of all the dog breeds, the Great Dane is known both for its guarding abilities and for its tender and loving personality.

This gentle giant is the tallest dog breed in the world, as it can grow to be on par with a pony.

Just imagining this running towards us at full speed makes our palms sweaty, so you can imagine what this dog is capable of doing to any potential intruder.

On the other hand, the 160 pound Great Dane is a very lovable and friendly dog when it comes to family and kids, which makes it a perfect watchdog for any household.

6. Tibetan Mastiff


Size is an important factor of choosing a perfect watchdog, and thanks to its massive head, body, and legs, the Tibetan mastiff sits on the throne of protective, hulking dogs.

This breed is known for showing no fear or second thoughts when coming in conflict with beasts such as snow leopards, wolves and bears.

With their weight reaching the ridiculous 220-pound mark, you can see why this breed is an unstoppable force when it comes to protecting one’s family.

Despite his giant size and formidable strength, the Tibetan mastiff can be a warm addition to any household, as he loves hanging out with kids and meeting new people.

7. Irish Wolfhound


As we all know, dogs have a far better sense of smell than humans. But when it comes to picking up even the faintest scent and tracking it to its source, the Irish wolfhound sniffs away the grand prize.

Like his name, the Irish wolfhound is tough nut to crack. He usually reacts to the sight of his prey, which means he will enter attack mode almost every time he encounters a new person or animal.

And when in groups, these loyal watchdogs are more than capable of taking down predators like wolves or bears.

The only downside to the Irish wolfhound is his protective nature. If not restrained, he will bark or even try to bite a new person he meets, so training is more than necessary if you plan of having this dog.

8. Bulldog


If you thought that the slobbering, grumpy, and wrinkled bulldog is usually uninterested in pretty much anything, you were dead wrong.

Not only is this breed a good watchdog, but he also earned his name from being able to step into the ring, tackle, and immobilize a bull.

The bulldog features traits such as strength, stamina, endurance, and bravery in such a way that it would put even the biggest dog breeds to shame.

Usually calm, these dogs are very intelligent and loyal, and would rather put themselves at risk than letting their master get hurt.

Despite his imperfect looks, the bulldog is among the most lovable pets you can have. Plus, he’s great with kids and loves the attention, which makes him a “2-in-1”.

9. Doberman Pinscher


You can often see a Doberman guarding buildings and houses in movies, but what if we told you that this breed was originally designed to accompany tax collectors around as they, well, collected tax?

The Doberman Pinscher is considered as the very best guard dog to this day, mostly due to his proficiency at being aggressive and zealous.

But even though you’ll think twice before entering a yard guarded by a Doberman, this breed is actually very capable of self-restraint and self-discipline.

The Doberman’s ability to respond to commands in high-stress situations made him a crucial part of military and police personnel of many countries.

10. German Shepherd


When someone says ‘watchdog’, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is the German shepherd.

They may not be the biggest or the strongest dog breed, but they are certainly among the most intelligent.

With a smart temperament and impressive self-sacrifice tendencies, the German shepherd is known to show courage and loyalty beyond measure, which sometimes even lead him to harm or even death.

His faithfulness has been depicted even in movies, such as the WWI story of Rin Tin Tin.

While the German shepherd might display a certain dose of aggressiveness towards children, it’s usually because he’s trying to herd them if they do not show dominance, so a bit of training is necessary if you’re planning on introducing one of these to your family.

11. Giant Schnauzer


While a miniature schnauzer can’t really defend anything against anyone, their giant cousins are more than capable of doing so.

Weighing at about 100 pounds, the giant schnauzer puts his size and weight to use by being one of best watchdog breeds in the world.

For centuries, this breed has been the go-to-dog for farmers and policemen alike, due to his ability to tackle, fight, and sniff when the situation requires it.

Owning one of these bad boys can be tricky, though. At first, your dog might seem quiet and uninterested, while actually he’s very intelligent and energetic, so make sure you teach him a new trick every once in a while.

12. Chow Chow


The Chow Chow is a living proof of how looks can be tricky.

Although he reminds us of a comfortable pillow at first, this Chinese dog breed is among the most protective in the world.

Only a few breeds can come close to the amount of obedience, devotion, and loyalty a Chow Chow can have towards his family.

However, their nature can make them unfriendly towards new people and strangers, which makes them good watchdogs which need a little training for behaving properly when innocent people are around.

All in all, the Chow Chow will be sweet and lovable when he’s around his family, but will spare no quarter when it comes to defending his territory and his owners.

13. St. Bernard


Forget the reckless, funny, and ridiculous St. Bernard you saw in the movie “Beethoven.” The truth is much different, as this is one of the strongest and most fearless dog breeds you can find.

The mighty St. Bernard is best known for his job of dragging and rescuing fully-grown men through miles of snow in the mountains, so you can bet that this breed is more than able to protect a home.

Although they rarely bark, their strength and size are what gives them the edge at stopping intrusions that happen on their territory.

Despite his gigantic size and formidable jaws, the St. Bernard can’t help himself around children, whose attention he loves.

14. Sarplaninac


Born and bred in the unforgiving Sar Mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, the Sarplaninac is probably one of the strongest, most enduring, and most loyal dogs in the world.

Long-used as a military dog in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Sarplaninac earned his role in the army thanks to his herding skills and protective nature.

They’re not to be messed with – these dogs have been known to engage predators like wolves, lynxes, and bears if any of them threatened their flock.

His nature is his biggest advantage and biggest flaw. The Sarplaninac takes his job seriously, so he needs to be trained from day one in order to function properly in a family.

15. Akita


Hailing from Japan, the Akita is one of the most beautiful, but also the most protective dogs in the world.

Due to being dominant and independent, this breed requires training from puppyhood, but once it reaches a certain obedience level, it can be as good of a watchdog as any other breed.

The Akita is a dog that will show a lot of affection and love towards his family members, but once he’s introduced to a stranger, his instincts kick in and he goes into full-protection mode. This makes obedience training obligatory for this breed.

Only when your Akita dog understands who is the alpha and the omega in his ‘pack’ will he be able to guard you and your property, which he does with great devotion and relentlessness.

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Love how you guys continuously leave out Staffordshire and pit bull breeds. Never using this site again.