15 Best Watchdog Breeds


A dog is a man’s best friend for many different reasons. From companionship to loyalty, every dog has his traits and advantages over others, depending on his breed and heritage.

However, there is one duty not all dogs are capable of doing – guarding. Keeping watch over their household is something certain breeds love to do, and they will always give their best to defend their home and owners.

That being said, here are 15 best watchdog breeds that will amaze you with their courage, determination, and fearlessness.

1. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler’s intimidating size works in synergy with his watchdog nature, which often marks him as a dangerous and vicious dog.

However, that is not entirely true, as this breed is among the most loyal and obedient breeds in the world.

This breed has some of the highest obedience rates of all dogs out there, which means that they would literally do anything their master tells them to do.

They can be well trained in order to respond normally to people, so if you ever see an aggressive Rottweiler, you’ll know that it’s his owner’s fault for not training and respecting his dog enough.

Once properly trained, a Rottweiler will give his last breath towards defending his ‘pack’, which means even kids are safe around these dogs.

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Love how you guys continuously leave out Staffordshire and pit bull breeds. Never using this site again.