15 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds


Some people prefer huge dog breeds (perhaps they have something else to make up for), some like medium sized pooches as they are a perfect mix of both worlds, but others like their canine friends small and with enormous attitudes.

If you are in the search for your next furry family member and you seek a canine companion that is rather tiny, take a look at these 15 cute and adorable small dog breeds that are sure to tickle your fancy.

1. Maltese

One of the most popular and widely spread small pooches is the Maltese.

Not only are they extremely friendly and will get along with other dogs or pets that reside at your household, these fluffy balls of fur almost don’t shed at all.

This is why most pet owners who want a cute and friendly lap dog, choose these white rascals.

However, you should know in advance that the Maltese is the kind of dog which will require human contact on a regular basis, so if you live alone, work a lot and cannot commit to spending substantial amount of time with your pet, perhaps you should reconsider adopting this breed.

Too much care and attention, on the other hand, can lead to attachment issues and serious behavior disorders.

Love them, but love them carefully.

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