15 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

June 2, 2019


Some people prefer huge dog breeds (perhaps they have something else to make up for), some like medium sized pooches as they are a perfect mix of both worlds, but others like their canine friends small and with enormous attitudes.

If you are in the search for your next furry family member and you seek a canine companion that is rather tiny, take a look at these 15 cute and adorable small dog breeds that are sure to tickle your fancy.

1. Maltese

One of the most popular and widely spread small pooches is the Maltese.

Not only are they extremely friendly and will get along with other dogs or pets that reside at your household, these fluffy balls of fur almost don’t shed at all.

This is why most pet owners who want a cute and friendly lap dog, choose these white rascals.

However, you should know in advance that the Maltese is the kind of dog which will require human contact on a regular basis, so if you live alone, work a lot and cannot commit to spending substantial amount of time with your pet, perhaps you should reconsider adopting this breed.

Too much care and attention, on the other hand, can lead to attachment issues and serious behavior disorders.

Love them, but love them carefully.

2. Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature Schnauzer is an ideal small dog breed for people who seek a pet that is patient yet curious, friendly yet sassy, and playful but not irritable.

These fluffy little rascals are perfect choice for kids as these pups do not mind being cuddled and played with all the time.

Your kids will most definitely enjoy petting and interacting with their new furry buddy, while they can also expect the Miniature Schnauzer to return the received affection.

One of the downsides of owing a Miniature Schnauzer, though, is the constant noise. Though usually calm and patient, this breed is capable of barking quite loudly at everything and everyone that passes by your house.

3. Chihuahua


Choice number one for numerous celebrities and celebrity wannabes, Chihuahua’s fragile, timid and meek appearance has become something of a trademark of this popular breed.

But, anyone who has ever encountered this puny canine knows that these little scoundrels are anything but timid, shy and docile.

In fact, Chihuahuas are actually pretty sassy, unpredictable and don’t often have a very sunny disposition.

They are known to be aggressive when they are disturbed, even towards the kids. They tend to bark uncontrollably, especially when they sense other dogs. They do, however, get along with cats just fine.

On the plus side, you will most definitely be rewarded with a pooch that is extremely loyal. And who knows… maybe you even end up being famous for absolutely no reason at all.

4. Shih Tzu


Another perfect choice for anyone who wants to a loyal little pup that will be your friend for life (at least).

Shih Tzu is a super-cute small dog breed whose popularity rises on a daily basis, and for a reason.

Their origins reach all the way to Tibet, and much like the Tibetans themselves, these little balls of fur are often characterized by their extremely friendly disposition and their awesome ability to get along well with practically all other animals they get in contact with.

The only issue with these “mini lions” is that you might face grooming on a daily basis, however, they don’t really shed as one might think. Lots of pros for this adorable little fella.

5. Pekingese


Pekingese dogs are incredible indoor family pets.

They are quite loyal and will show affection no matter what, plus they require much exercise and attention, but they seem to enjoy long walks.

If you search for a small breed of dog that will make for an amazing lap, your search may as well end here.

Though the Pekingese tends to be calm, don’t let that fool you as these pooches have lots of personality and can sometimes be disobedient.

These small balls of fur are known for shedding very little, which increases their appeal as indoor pets, however, it is recommended you brush them at least once a month. All in all, the Pekingese is a wonderfully loyal little rascal.

6. Papillon


The Papillon dog is definitely one of the most underrated and overlooked breeds, and not just when it comes to small dog breeds.

Perhaps this is the case due to their not-so-attractive appearance, but even that is debatable.

Papillons are actually one of the most awesome, cute and adorable pets out there.

In fact, these fluffy balls of fur are extremely intelligent, compassionate and loyal towards their owners, or other people in general. They are excellent pets to have around when you are feeling blue, too, as they seem to be capable of picking up on the negative vibes and know when to console you.

Is there really anything else one needs in a pet?

7. Boston Terrier


The Boston Terriers are another great example of a true family pet.

Not do they bond really well and quickly with the little ones, they are also one of the most economical pooches available as they do not require almost any grooming and they won’t shed much all over your furniture.

Mere brushing once a week will do the trick and will lower the shedding rate even more. They do however, require some form of training. If your Boston Terrier happens to start chewing on your furniture, shoes, or rugs around your house, this mean he’s a bit bored and a long walk is long overdue.

8. Pug


Pugs are probably in the top 5 most popular small breeds amongst the new generations.

But seriously, who can resist those adorable short legs, that crazy-eyed wrinkled face and that amazing personality?

It is amazing how much love and affection can fit in such small bodies. Their loving personalities make pugs excellent canine companions.

However, you should be prepared for slight problems with attitude, if you plan on getting one of these little rascals. Namely, Pugs tend to be so extremely stubborn which can sometimes be a problem. But they do make up for it with their unconditional and true love for their owners.

They are sociable, loyal playful and pretty clever, which makes them perfect playmates for your children.

Oh, and they snore.

9. Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier, or widely known and lovingly referred to as the “Yorkie,” is perhaps the ultimate cutie when it comes to small breeds.

Some of them are so tiny, they can even fit in a teacup. Need we say more?

But don’t let them small size fool you. Yorkshire Terriers are maybe adorable and sometimes used for dress-up or play by little girls, but these small balls of fur have huge personalities and are extremely loyal and loving.

The Yorkies are also hypoallergenic and they do not shed as other similar breeds. Simply a perfect furry canine companion to go.

10. Jack Russell


Jack Russell is a pooch that will take all the love you can give, and that won’t even be enough.

This playful, intelligent, lively and loyal pet simply needs to be around his owner all day, likes to be pampered constantly, but what these pooches love even more is – playtime.

Jack Russell is an extremely active dog and you probably won’t find a single pooch from this breed that doesn’t like to constantly jump up and down from everything you can think of, run around all over your household, but also nip a shoe or two.

If you live in an equally hyped home with a lot of kids who will want a playful canine buddy that is ready to play 24/7, this little scoundrel is definitely your choice.

11. Miniature Poodle


Unlike Jack Russell, the Miniature Poodle tends to be rather shy and sensitive by nature, but they can be just as active, playful and energetic as the Russells.

Since they are not very sociable and tend to enjoy their solitude, this breed needs a significant amount of time to get used to being around a lot of people.

However, with enough devotion and patience, this breed can develop the ability to get along quite well with other pets and big crowds of people.

They do need to be introduced properly and be given enough time to get adjusted, but once they get past their shyness, they will become awesome and fun balls of fur.

12. Pomeranian


Also known as “Pom Pom,” the Pomeranian descended from the larger breed called the German Spitz.

Though these puff balls tend to be a gentle and mellow breed of toy dog, Pom Poms can be quite feisty, energetic, and even aggressive.

They are prone to getting excessively noisy, especially when during playtime, however, they are great with children and therefore would be a fantastic addition to your household, but the bonding with the kids should start while they are still pups.

Perhaps the major drawback of owning a Pomeranian is that they are prone to shedding, so you should probably avoid getting the Pom Pom if you have a new baby in your home.

13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


If you are a quit person who likes peaceful and tranquil evenings, and you are looking for a canine buddy to match your persona, your search might be over at last.

Not only is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adorable, loyal and loves to cuddle, this member of the toy squad is gentle with children and will show all the undivided attention and affection to its owners.

They are extremely patient, playful and eager to please, thus these fluffy little pooches are a perfect choice, well for anyone, but mainly for homes with many kids and with other dogs for them to play with.

The temperament of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect blend of playful and calm. The best of both worlds.

14. Scottish Terrier


Popularly called “the Scottie,” this small dog breed is one of the most popular and widely spread due to their feisty disposition and extreme cuteness.

If you are looking to have an adorable but firm and sassy watchdog, your search might be over.

They are quite intelligent, playful, but also pretty territorial, alert, independent and self-assured, which makes this breed best suited for adults and older children.

It has been suggested that the Scottish Terriers make good watchdogs since they tend to bark only when necessary and because they are typically reserved with strangers.

Their nickname is “Diehard.” Need we say more? (If Bruce Willis doesn’t have a Scottish Terrier, he should definitely get one, pronto.)

15. Skye Terrier


Closely related to the little Diehards we’ve just mentioned, Skye Terriers are rounding up our list of most popular small dog breeds.

These fluffy and overly cute pooches have all the feistiness of other Terriers, but also have quite a pleasant disposition.

Since Skye Terriers are very dependable dogs, they get along really well with people, which makes them wonderful family dogs.

They tend to get along with all the members of the family, and even with strangers. However, the major downside of having a Skye Terrier is they really don’t like cats. If you have cats in your household, these pooches are probably not your best choice.

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