15 Stinkiest Dog Breeds


As much as we all love our four-legged friends, we all have to admit one thing – dogs don’t smell like roses. If you’re looking for the perfect breed for you but you’re worried about this, in some ways, offensive characteristic, this list might help you out.

1. St. Bernard

This dog breed is one of the most problematic when it comes to hygiene, and with it, odor. St. Bernards drool profusely, they’re gassy like nobody’s business, and their sensitive skin can cause serious skin conditions that have a truly specific, horrid odor.

When they’re doing great, St. Bernards can smell almost amazing, but when their hygiene is not “on point,” most dog owners find it pretty difficult to be around them at all.

They’re known as one of the smelliest dogs around, so if you can handle your responsibilities that come with this breed, we advice you reconsider adopting a St. Bernard.

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chan Brar
chan Brar

My dog is not doing toilet form 2days


My beagle doesn’t smell at all, but we use dog shampoo and doggy breath freshener.


ugh dogs, english bull dogs and similar breeds are terribly smelly. I cant stand this shit no more, I cant understand why people get them… oh wait! cause they’re cute right… who cares about the smell, about their breathing problems and expensive vet bills because they are so unnatural, beautiful eh?