4 Basic Grooming Tools Every Dog Owner Should Have

March 1, 2019

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or RSPCA, recommends establishing a habit of regular grooming early in your pet’s life.

Every dog owner should know how important grooming is for your four-legged friend, regardless of the breed.

This is why dog grooming equipment is a must-have.

When you have the right tools, any job can be easy and fulfilling, and what is more fulfilling than spending time with your beloved pooch? Grooming should be looked at as a pleasurable bonding activity and you should establish it as a regular part of your pooch’s life.

In that name, here are 5 basic dog grooming tools every dog owner should have:

1. Nail Trimming Tools

Even if your pooch is walking and running on rock-hard ground all the time, you should trim his nails regularly.

Overgrown nails are prone to being ripped off after being hooked to various objects, which can cause severe bleeding and are avenues for infection.

2. Brushing Tools

Different pooches come in different coats, so canines can be divided into:

  • short-coated dogs,
  • medium-coated dogs,
  • coarse-coated,
  • fine-coated dogs.

It doesn’t matter which group your doggo belongs to, you need to brush his hair regularly in order to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce shedding, but also keep the skin healthy. Most common brushing tools include:

  • rubber curry brushes,
  • shedding blades,
  • slicker brushes,
  • de-matting tools, combs and bristle brushes.

3. Ear Cleaning Tools

If you have a dog with hairy and floppy ears, ear cleaning tools are a must. Bag of cotton balls or gauze will do the trick.

4. Teeth Cleaning Tools

You brush your teeth regularly, right? Well, your furry-friend should too! For this job, you need a tooth brush specifically designed for dogs, and make sure you don’t use human toothpaste. Due to its fluoride content, human toothpaste can destabilize pH balance in canines if swallowed.

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