4 DIY Sprays To Prevent Your Pooch From Chewing

April 17, 2019


Whether his teeth are growing, he’s stressed out, bored, or he’s simply a chewer, your pup needs to stop attacking your furniture. In order to prevent him from swallowing broken pieces of furniture, and ruining your favorite Louis 14th chair, you can easily mix up a few concoctions using only the ingredients in your household.

Apple Cider & Vinegar

Canines just hate the flavor and smell of vinegar and biter apples.

Yes, there are great commercial bitter apple sprays available, but you can always make one yourself.

Simply combine two parts apple cider vinegar with one part regular white vinegar, put in a spray bottle, shake well, and voilà – you have a highly effective and safe dog deterrent.

Lemon Juice & Vinegar

A great alternative to the one above is lemon juice and vinegar combination. Simply replace the two parts apple cider vinegar with two parts lemon juice and off you go.

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This combination will also make your home smell lemony fresh. Quite a combo!

Simple Citrus

Since our canine friends aren’t very fond of the sharp smell of citrus, it is excellent for making your dog stop chewing on your favorite chair. Put 2 cups of citrus peels in 4 cups of boiled water, and wait until it cools off.

Cayenne Pepper Spray

If previous 3 mixtures don’t work on your pooch, try cayenne pepper spray. Add 1/2 cup of fresh cayenne peppers to a cup of boiled water and wait until it cools off. Be careful though, pepper spray liquids can irritate their eyes and nose.

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Christine Downin
Christine Downin
4 years ago

None of these worked….my Rottweiler puppies thought we were giving them treats…each and every spray just made them happier. Now what?! lol!

1 year ago

What did you end up using?