5 Reasons Why Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog Is Good For You

October 31, 2016


We’ve all been reading numerous articles about how we shouldn’t let our pooches sleep with us in our beds.

Some say it is not hygienic, others that you will only spoil your dog that way, but we say – it is actually good for you!

The fact is that there are actual health benefits to inviting your furry friend to share your bed with you.

And it’s not just good for you -it’s great for the dog, too.

So, to all you dog lovers who cannot go 1 day (or in this case – night) without snuggling up with your favorite fluffy creature (and especially for those of you who don’t think this is a good idea), here are 5 major reasons why sharing your bed with Fido is actually good for both of you.

1. Dogs Give You Comfort And Make You Feel Safe

There is just something special about the presence of your beloved doggo. We don’t know if it’s:

  • their warm body,
  • their rhythmic breathing,
  • their soothing company,
  • the possibility of them protecting you from burglars
  • or the combination of all this,

but there’s just something comforting about sleeping in the same bed with your four-legged friend.

2. It Can Help You Fight Insomnia

It is proven that a mere presence of a canine has a calming effect on humans. They provide a feeling of safety and can help you fall asleep more easily. They can make you forget about all the bad things that keep you up at night.

3. It Helps You Fight Anxiety And Stress

Closely related to the previous reason, sleeping with Fido and snuggling with him relieves stress and helps with all anxiety induced problems.

During the researches done using therapy dogs, the scientists found that:

  • a dog’s presence is a great stress reliever
  • their positive outlook help us feel better too
  • their attentive nature can be quite reassuring.

4. They Help Fight Depression

Just like they can help us with anxiety and stress, your dog’s presence is excellent for fighting off the feeling of loneliness and depression.

And how they do all these things? Easy – with the beautiful and genuine unconditional love they provide is with each day.

5. It’s Good For Your Dog, Too!

Let’s stop thinking about ourselves for a moment and think about what sleeping in the same bed means to your fluffy friend.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing in this world that your dog loves more than being with his boss. He loves you more than anything else (or anyone else, for that matter), and every second spent away from you is his worst nightmare.

So, allowing Fido to sleep with you and have that extra snuggle time will definitely make his day, too! It’s a regular win-win situation!

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