6 Week Old Puppies And What Should They Eat

October 17, 2019

If you adopted a 6 week old pup, (even though the optimal time to adopt would be 8 weeks after birth) you have to be really careful when it comes to food.

This is a sensitive time in the pup’s life.

He’s starting to eat solid foods and he’ll probably miss the mother’s milk at the beginning.

However, you can ease the transition by providing your pooch with a nutritious diet that he can chew and digest without too much trouble.

Professional breeders offer dry puppy food, moistened with a little water.

Choosing The Right Type And Brand

Puppy foods you can find on the market are usually meant for large, medium and small breed dogs, each with different nutrient ratios and chunk sizes which are appropriate for the jaw strength of the different breeds.

Large breed foods are typically a little lower in fat, protein and calcium than puppy food made for small breeds, and vice versa.

Ask your vet about the type and brand which would best suited for your pup.


Feed your 6-week-old puppy four times per day, no more, no less (if not recommended differently by your vet).

As a puppy lover you will probably be tempted when it comes to the amount food you’ll give to your pooch. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed by those sad puppy eyes when he asks for more food, but overfeeding your ball of fur isn’t a good idea.

Do your best to follow the recommended amounts on the puppy food sack.

Puppy food is high in protein (in order to enhance growth) so overfeeding can cause his bones to grow too rapidly thus compromising his bone health in general.

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