7 Hottest Outdoor Dog Toys Your Pooch Needs Right Now

February 6, 2017


With spring just around the corner, we must start thinking about our dogs and their exercise. Warmer days are ahead and you know your four-legged friend will be even more excited to spend time in the outdoors, running around, exploring and having fun.

This is why we are giving you a list of 7 top outdoor dog toys we think are a true slam dunk.

From chewy toys and tossers, to boomerangs, balls and tugs – these will surely keep your dog entertained for hours, without spending a fortune on expensive toys and accessories.

1. Squeaker Boomerang

We’re starting off with a BOOM. Squeaker Boomerang is definitely not your average dog boomerang. This brightly-colored awesomeness of a toy will make your dog go crazy as it will tease several of your pooch’s senses.

There are multiple squeakers and crinkle fabric sewn right into the toy, so this boomerang might just become Fido’s next favorite thing!

2. Wet Wubba

If your doggo loves water, we have just the toy for you (him)! Wet Wubba comes in several bright colors and is covered in neoprene, which makes it perfect for water play.

This toy is durable and dries quickly as well, so it is also great for a subsequent game of tug on the grass. Make sure, however, that you don’t leave your dog to chew on it as Wet Wubba is not designed to be a chew toy.

3. Flossy Chews Mammoth Rope

Although flossy rope bones are among the simplest of dog toys out there, these are still widely popular. The Flossy Chews Mammoth Rope is a 2 in 1 product – it will keep your pooch entertained for hours, while it will also floss his teeth during play-time!

4. Kong Squeezz Dog Football

Superbowl 2017 just ended so this is a must! This bright and fun Squeezz Dog Football is a perfect dog toy for all the nasty chewers out there. It is durable and made of non-toxic rubber, it includes an imbedded squeaker, while it also bounces unpredictably for some extra interactive fun!

5. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Stomper

Another great toy for a game of fetch to remember. This ball stomper can actually launch a ball over 100 feet, and the best part is – you don’t have to worry about hurting your arm. A true marble of clever design.

6. Kong Airdog SqueakAir Tennis Balls

These Kong tennis balls combine your dog’s 2 most favorite things – tennis balls and squeakers! The Kong Airdog SqueakAir Tennis Balls are not just a toy, they are an investment.

These are way more fun than ordinary tennis balls and they come in different sizes to suit your dog.

7. Kong Extreme

Kong Extreme is another chewy classic from Kong that you can’t go wrong with. Built with an ultra-strong and durable rubber, this bad boy is designed to stand up to the toughest chewers out there. Just stuff your pooch’s favorite treats into the toy’s cavity and watch your dog go ballistic for it.

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