9 Shocking Things Dogs Do In Their Sleep


So, you got a new four-legged family member and you’ve noticed some weird things going on while your new canine friend is sleeping. Do not be alarmed.

Although these things can be an indicator that your dog is in pain or is having some other health issues in some situations, be assured that the probability is that everything is okay. Normal to the experienced dog owners and dogs themselves (unaware of the situation), some things your dog does while sleeping are just downright strange.

Here are the 9 shocking things dogs do in their sleep that stress out new dog owners.

1. Shiver

However it may sound strange, brainwave patterns of sleeping dogs and people are pretty much the same.

Dogs pass through the same series of sleep cycles as humans.

They also have vivid dreams occurring during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage, which, according to some experts, may vary from the size of your pet.

Allegedly, the frequency of REM cycles occur depends upon the size of your dog: small dogs may have dreams every 10 minutes but large dogs have fewer dreams that last longer. This is when your dog’s legs start twitching and his eyes darting around behind closed lids.

Relax, everything’s fine. All mammals dream and when they enter REM sleep, a section of the brain stem kicks in to partially paralyze their muscles. Thankfully, this prevents them from physically acting out their dreams. Shivering is no cause for alarm.

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