A Dog In Winter: Myths And Facts

November 23, 2019


Some canines were designed for the harsh winter weather, while others aren’t as fit for it. Nonetheless, nearly all dogs have one thing in common when it comes to snow – they love it! With that in mind, we reflect on a couple of myths regarding dogs and the season of the cold.

Not All Dogs Are Created Equal

First things first – it’s not true that any pooch feels comfortable in the snow and that it’s fur will protect it.

Sure, some breeds like a Siberian Husky or a Malamute will have a splendid time in the snow, but if your pooch is a Chihuahua, you might want to give it a coat before you let it roll around in the snow.

Dogs do love eating snow, however, that doesn’t mean we should just let them. Many things can be hidden in the white coat of snow – from garbage to animal waste, to chemicals and salt. Needless to say, it’s not always safe for a canine to munch on snow.

Finally, we have the flea and tick dilemma. Many people claim that the cold, harsh weather in the winter kills off most pests and that dogs can’t get ticks and fleas during this time.

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In truth, these bloodsucking menaces are extremely resilient and will probably look for shelter and warmth in your dog’s coat, so be careful.

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