Adopting Vs. Purchasing A Puppy: Pros And Cons

October 22, 2019


Finally deciding to become a dog owner is one of the most enjoyable moments in any household as dogs bring joy, entertainment and an endless source of affection.

After making a decision to get a dog, one must decide whether to purchase a puppy or adopt one from the local shelter. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and we’ll discuss them below.

Adopting a puppy from a local shelter has one clear advantage that purchasing a puppy can’t beat and that’s saving a puppy’s life and giving it a permanent home.

Shelters are full of dogs of all shapes, sizes and age looking to be adopted and going with this option is certainly more heartwarming than purchasing a puppy from a litter that will be sold out anyway.

On the other hand, puppies from a local shelter rarely end up being show dogs or bred with champions as they usually don’t have the necessary pedigrees.

While adopting a puppy is more noble, purchasing a puppy gives you the option to choose the breed and ultimately size and personality of a dog you wish to bring home. In addition to having all its papers in order, you can get more information on the puppy and its litter regarding any genetic health problems that particular litter might have, which you can’t really get from a shelter.

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Last but not least, purchasing a pure bred puppy will set you back lots of $$$$$ while adopting a dog from a shelter involves far less initial financial burdens.

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