Are Pet Vacuums Worth The Money?

December 10, 2019

Dogs are as adorable as they are messy. Apart from playing in the mud and leaving paw prints all over the floor, they also shed and leave hair and dander in every corner of every room. Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to deal with deep-embedded hair, but what dog guardians often wonder is whether pet vacuums are any more fit for the task.

In this article, we will highlight the advantages of top-quality pet vacuum cleaners in order to help you decide for yourself whether a pet vacuum is a smart investment.

Are Pet Vacuums Worth The Money

More Power

Removing stubborn dirt and hair requires strong suction. Pet vacuums generally boast greater suction power than regular vacuum cleaners, which is why they are more efficient at hair pickup. They are able to lift pet hair stuck deep inside carpets and furniture and provide thorough instead of just superficial cleaning.

Specialized Hair Removal Tools

Pet vacuum cleaners come with attachments specially designed to extract pet hair. These attachments are created with different surfaces in mind and guarantee a deep clean on carpets, upholstery, and stairs, as well as crevices and hard-to-reach spots. Thus, they help you keep every part of your home clean and hair-free, which is highly important as pet hair lands everywhere.

Better Filtration Systems

Due to the health issues associated with pet-related allergens, pet vacuums are developed to keep all the harmful microscopic particles inside and prevent them from escaping the vacuum. Top-of-the-line pet vacuum cleaners like Dyson DC39 use multi-stage filtration and high-efficiency filters (HEPA or equivalent) that capture more than 99% of allergens, which is rather impressive. Some pet vacuums even come with odor-eliminating filters that perform the additional function of freshening the air during vacuuming.

Advanced Design

Common problems related to hair tangling and loss of suction have led pet vacuum manufacturers to create advanced designs that maximize airflow and prevent clogging and fluctuations in suction power. With wide, short, and direct airpaths, cyclonic technology, and smart suction tube placement, pet vacuums pick up pet hair more easily and quickly.

Bottom Line

When it comes to removing pet hair and pet-related allergens, pet vacuum cleaners are indeed superior to regular vacuums. They can remove hair from every part of your home, they can keep the allergens locked inside, and due to greater power and specialized tools, they can lift deep-embedded hair that regular vacuums simply cannot reach. Keeping all these advantages in mind, it is fair to say that pet vacuums are indeed worth the cash, especially if your pets shed a lot and you are looking for a more efficient tool for combating pet hair buildups.

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