Bluetick Coonhound – An All-Around Canine

November 18, 2019


When people go looking for a dog that would suit their home best, most of them focus on furry and calm breeds that will be more of an interior decoration than an actual pet. If you’re looking for a strong and energetic canine, however, the bluetick coonhound is the breed for you!

Ups And Downs

It might be too far-fetched to say that the bluetick coonhound is a perfect dog, but it surely excels at most categories of living with humans.

As a breed of noble history and heritage, the bluetick coonhound is not a dog you can neglect.

It’s energetic, loud, and is known for excessive drooling, so you better prepare to put some effort into taking care of this pooch.

This breed’s best traits are its intelligence and friendliness.

The coonhound is able to make its own decisions and finds concentrating on a task for long periods of time easy, so training and disciplining this dog won’t require too much work.

As for the friendliness part, you can rest assured that your new coonhound pooch will adapt well to other family members, kids, and even other pets.

The only downside to the bluetick is its mild inability to adapt to apartment living. Small size doesn’t necessarily mean a breed can easily blend into a flat, so it’s not recommended to get this breed if you don’t possess a yard it can roam in.

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