Canned Dog Food 101

December 14, 2019


If you are looking to add canned food to your dog’s everyday meals, you need to be careful. Introducing these juicy treats will definitely add the yummy factor to his meals, but the trick is that not all canned foods are good for your furry friend.

The Basics

The trick is that some canned dog foods have very little meat in them, meaning their nutritional value is pretty low.

Make sure you always read the label to see exactly how much of it is in it and which type of meat is used. The label should list all the ingredients the product is made of.

Most common type of meat include beef, pork, chicken and lamb, but not all canned dog foods are created equal.

If you want only the best for your pooch, then look for premium dog foods as they use high-quality meat which is often good enough for human consumption.

As for the less expensive canned dog foods, these are prone to using meat byproducts which are almost always low quality and contain many fillers like ground bones, organ meats, chicken feet and beaks, skin, ground up intestines, and so on.

Not a yummy mental picture, indeed.

Read The Labels

The only way to be sure your dog is getting only the best is to stop and read the labels as they will tell you what’s going on inside, and they don’t lie.

According to “If the label says it is lamb dog food, it must contain at least 95 percent lamb (this applies to all meats), though the percentage of meat goes down to about 70 percent when water is added during processing. If it’s called lamb dinner, it only has to contain 25 percent lamb, and if it’s dog food with lamb it only has to have 3 percent lamb.”

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