Choosing The Right Breed – Companion Dogs Vs. Herding Dogs

December 3, 2019


If you are planning on buying or adopting a new dog, choosing the right breed type is pretty important. Today we take a look at two popular breeds – companion and herding dogs.

Companion Dogs

We all know that breeds have actually been created over time to suit our needs, and every breed came to be for a reason.

The companion dogs are certainly no exception, and their main objective is to be our buddies and keep us company. Probably the most beautiful and most fulfilling purpose and work a dog can do.

When it comes to size, some are miniaturized versions of working dogs, while some were created as beautiful lap dogs, but even the tiniest of them will love you like there’s no tomorrow, and will protect you with the courage of a Mastiff. This might sometimes be a problem.

Often they’ll attack bigger dogs, or even human intruders, and can end up injured or even killed in the process.

In a nutshell, they’re mainly housedogs, usually unsuited to the outdoor life, and their main goal and purpose in life is to be with their owners as much as possible.

Herding Dogs

The Herding dogs, on the other hand, were developed mainly to control large flocks of sheep or other cattle.

They are typically energetic, protective, smart, not exactly playful but make excellent watchdogs. These pooches are huge fans of family togetherness, thus they enjoy seeing the whole family in the same room so they can keep an eye on them. Family = Herd. Cute.

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