Choosing The Right Shampoo For Your Pooch

September 9, 2019


Choosing the right shampoo for your canine friend isn’t that complicated, but there are still certain guidelines you should follow.

Make sure you never use a human shampoo or soap on your pooch as they can easily dry out his sensitive skin. Gentle dog shampoo of almost any brand will the do the trick when it comes to routine, everyday bathing.

If your four-legged friend is prone dry skin, rashes and itchiness, try to find a shampoo that contain soothing ingredients. Also, choose the one with natural, moisturizing ingredients (think shea butter, aloe and oatmeal, ingredient which feed the skin).

Avoid heavily scented shampoos and go with the ones that have natural oils such as lavender or chamomile.

Are Flea Shampoos Good?

Although fleas are a real pain (itch) in the neck, flea shampoos available on the market are usually short-lived and contain harsh chemicals that irritate your dog’s already sensitive skin.

This is why you can go with your DIY alternative and use vinegar. Bathe your pooch in a mixture of vinegar and water and the fleas will flee like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, they are a natural, safe alternative to those potentially harmful flea shampoos.

Mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and rub it in the key areas, but make sure you avoid the sensitive area around his eyes. After you’ve gotten rid of these nasty menaces, bathe your dog using a real shampoo to get rid of the vinegar smell as well.

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