FDA Approves Noise-Related Anxiety Drug For Dogs, But Is it Safe?

January 26, 2017


A few months ago the FDA approved a new drug specifically aimed at treating noise aversion in dogs.

The drug is called Sileo and it is supposed to help dogs who are frightened by loud sounds (New Year’s anyone?) and since several researches show that almost half of dog owners report that their dog is afraid of some type of noise, many dog owners now think this might just be a game changer.

But is this new anxiety drug really safe for our pooches?

Sileo Is Actually A Sedative Used For Veterinary Procedures

The drug works by blocking norepinephrine, a chemical that is similar to adrenaline. He drug is given out in pre-filled needleless plastic syringes and the gel should be placed between the dog’s gum and lip to administer, and is then absorbed by the tissue that lines the dog’s cheek.

Sileo will start working within an hour, while its effects last for about three hours. You can then give your dog another dose if needed.

However, some vets are worried about the drug because of its effect on dogs’ heart rates, especially if given several times a day.

Since the drug is actually a smaller dose of a sedative used for minor veterinary procedures, experts warn that your furry friend shouldn’t be given more than one dose per day as it can pose serious risks.

Orion, the manufacturer of this drug, also warns owners not to use the drug in dogs with cardiovascular, kidney, liver or respiratory diseases.

What Can I Use Instead Of This Drug?

Many drug-free treatment methods for dog anxiety are available out there. Some vets recommend desensitizing your pooch with calibrated recordings of the noise that upsets them, in conjunction with positive conditioning. This can help train your canine friend not to panic in the face of loud noise, and it can have long-term effects.

Some dogs also respond well to aromatherapy, or compression jackets.

All in all, you should try all these before you resort to Sileo. Safety first, indeed.

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