Hilarious Bernese Dog’s Reaction Upon Meeting His New Friend The Hamster (VIDEO)

July 6, 2019

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If you’ve ever had a hamster in your household, along with other pets, you probably know that these little puff-balls need extra care and special considerations when brought into a home which already has pets.

Their extremely small size and almost complete lack of defensive skills render hamsters extremely vulnerable and make them a rather easy prey for larger pets like cats and dogs.

However, here we seem to have quite the opposite scenario with a hilarious and rather disinterested Bernese Mountain dog who can’t stop turning his nose and eyes away when he first meets his new peculiar hamster friend.

Watch video here:

We can see that this beautiful yet a bit confused pooch can’t really handle all the immediateness of his fluffy little buddy and is making it clear to his human that he has no desire to become friends with the new member of their household.

At first, that is.

They Did Become Friends After All

In another video we can see that the love among animals did prevail, against all odds. The same Instagram channel posted a few more videos of the unexpected friendship showing the once disgusted Bernese Mountain dog making friends with the cute hamstey!

One of those cute videos below:

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