How To Easily Find Dog Care Jobs In The US

April 13, 2017

dog care jobs

If you are a dog lover (of course you are, we all are) and you are looking for a side job as a dog care person, pet sitter, dog walker, or even a dog groomer, you came to the right place.

Dog care jobs have become rather popular across the USA as more and more students, teenagers, and even parents seek fun part time jobs to earn that extra buck.

In that name, here we have some of the most visited websites that provide dog care jobs to people all over the US. These websites are extremely useful and effective since they have location/age/salary/animal type filters that can help you find a perfect dog care job just for you.

Dog Care Jobs – is a well-known website that has a positive reputation across the web. You can even choose the time frame within which you will be needing a job, which can be quite useful to some. Time frames go as follows:

  • Right now
  • Within a week
  • In 1 – 2 months
  • While there’s also the “Just Browsing” option

You also have sub-categories that include:

  • Dog Sitting Jobs
  • Dog Grooming Jobs
  • Dog Walking Jobs
  • Dog Training Jobs
  • Dog Watching Jobs
  • Dog Boarding Jobs

Plenty to choose from, indeed!

Dog Care Jobs Now Hiring | Snagajob

This is another great site for finding dog care jobs across the entire country. You can search by the state, full-time/part-time category, teen, etc…

It has a “1-Click Apply” option for the folks who are really in a hurry.

Trusted Housesitters

This website is huge. It provides you with so many opportunities that you won’t know what to check out first. You can look after empty houses, apartments, and of course – all kinds of animals. The animal filters include:

  • any animal
  • dogs
  • cats
  • reptiles
  • horses
  • fish
  • poultry
  • farm animals
  • birds
  • small pets…

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