How To Prepare Vegetables For Your Dog

October 24, 2019


Vegetables are full of dog-friendly nutrients that you can use as part of a healthy homemade canine diet. Cooking softens their fibers and blends flavors. Some veterinarians suggest that each meal should be 25-50 percent meat protein, the rest should be mostly vegetables.

Which are Good and How to Prepare them

Leafy greens, green beans, potatoes, carrots, peas and broccoli are always a good choice.

Pumpkins and all types of garden squash are also great dog food additions. You can either blend them in your dog’s meal or prepare them in advance and freeze them in individual portions for later use.

Don’t add salt and pepper, or any other spices. Your dog doesn’t really like them and some of them can even be rather unhealthy for your pooch.

Boiling Veggies

When cooking vegetables, always allow them to cool down to room temperature before serving them to your dog, and make sure you don’t overcook the vegetables because it destroys some of the vitamins.

Another useful trick is to save the water after boiling. It is full of nutrients and you can use it to soften dry commercial dog food or let your dog drink it.

Not all Veggies are Good Veggies

On the other hand, avoid onions, avocados, garlic and chives. These can trigger stomach irritation and become toxic when consumed in large amounts.

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