How To Prevent Your Dog From Escaping

December 10, 2019


Forget Houdini, some dogs are the real escape artists.

When your pooch reaches that time in his life, he will find a way to escape, and with enough motive and the right opportunity, he will be gone in 60 seconds.

Here we have some useful tips on how to prevent your canine friend from becoming a regular Houdini.

A Quick Fix

Make sure you take your dog to the veterinarian to have him fixed. They grow up so fast indeed, and once your pooch reaches sexual maturity, he will do anything and go anywhere to find love. Sounds romantic, but you might end up losing your pet for good.

Playtime is Crucial

Dogs seek attention and need playtime with their boss, so make sure you play with your pooch on a daily basis. Dogs that are lonely and bored are more prone to escaping than dogs showered with love and play. You can also introduce some interesting toys to the mix. Those are always fun.

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Adventure is right across that fence for your furry buddy, so don’t give him a reason to climb it, which brings us to our final tip.

Walking it Off

Perhaps the most important thing is regular walk. If your pooch doesn’t get to see the wonders of the outside world, he will definitely try to satisfy his curiosity by escaping and seeing them for himself.

So, make sure you regularly take him for walks and runs around the neighborhood. Dogs are natural explorers, let them explore.

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