How to Spend The First Day With Your Adopted Dog

November 15, 2019


Although adopting a puppy is one of the happiest days of our lives, it can be rather stressful for both you and your small furry friend.

Your new pup will be confused and probably scared out of his pants, even though something very beautiful and special is happening to him/her.

This is why it is crucial you make sure the transition is smooth and everything happens according to the plan.

And here’s the plan.

1. Safe Travel

Safety first, always. When you are driving your new pup home, make sure your dog is safely secured. A crate is always the safest option.

However, some dogs find crates or car trips quite stressful, so if the distance is not an issue, carry your pup in your arms and walk home. It will also be a great way to get to know each other before reaching your home.

2. Keep Of Strangers

Don’t have your friends around, at least during the first day. Moving is very stressful to a pup, so you need to give him/her some time to get to know the new surroundings and acclimate to your family.

If you have kids, talk to them about how to approach the new pup without scaring and overwhelming him/her.

3. Eating Schedule

Ask previous owners about the eating schedule your pup had before and try to replicate the schedule. Stick to it for at least the first few days to avoid gastric distress.

4. Toileting Area

Introduce your new four-legged friend to his/her toileting area and make sure you both spend some time there so the pup can get used to this area and relieve himself/herself.

5. Keep Calm

Last but not least is to try to remain calm. Keep low profile for the first few days so there is no unnecessary fuss around your new pup.

Make sure it is always quiet around your dog and try to limit the excitement, at least during the first day. This also means that dog parks are a huge no-no, and having your neighbor’s children around is not a good idea either.

Keeping the calm atmosphere will allow your cute and scared furry friend to adapt easier, and will give him/her the time to get to know you as the new owner.

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