Keeping them active – 12 fun ways to exercise your pet

2. Go for a Run


Active, healthy dog breeds love to run, and just like you, they need intense cardiovascular exercise to keep their hearts healthy, minimize stress, increase bone density and keep their blood pressure in check.

If you love to run, taking your dog with you on your outings is a no-brainer.

If you’re not very enthusiastic about the prospect of lacing up your running shoes, but you know you need to get your own cardiovascular workout in for better health, consider your dog’s requirement for high-intensity exercise the motivation you need to get out there and improve both your and your dog’s health.

As always, keep your dog on a short leash during your run. Working out with your pet is about more than exercise, and creating a trusting bond depends on your dog understanding that you’re the leader, and he is the follower.

If you haven’t run with your dog before, start out slowly. Walk for five minutes to warm up, and then jog for one minute. Walk again for two minutes, and jog again for one. Continue this cycle until you’re ready to run for longer periods of time.

If your dog is older or of a breed with a predisposition for joint problems, try running on a dirt path or at a grassy park, rather than on concrete, which impacts the joints more intensely.

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