Lame And Invalid Excuses For Not Brushing Your Dogs’ Teeth

October 20, 2016


Dog owners, for some reason, don’t brush their pups’ teeth regularly, and they have a whole arsenal of excuses for skipping this important part of doggy maintenance. If you’re one of those people (bad owner!), you might find some of the things you tell yourself further in the text.

And yes, you should feel guilty.

No One Does It

Several surveys have shown that only about 10% of dog owners brusher their pet’s teeth on a daily basis, and mostly because “no one else does it.” Somehow, people simply scoff at the idea that pups need to have their teeth brushed just like humans.

You might not know anyone who brushes their dog’s teeth on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Ideally, you should brush your pet’s teeth twice a day.

They Clean Them Themselves By Chewing

It can be pretty hard to find a chewing toy that also cleans your dog’s teeth for several reasons. First of all, your pup might be allergic to some of the ingredients from which are chew toys made of.

Secondly, you pup might be a destroyer of all thing chewable, and constantly buying new chew toys on a weekly basis might substantially damage your budget.

Thirdly, chewing doesn’t just clean your pup’s teeth like magic – it also makes them dirty.

You need brushing after your meals because that prime steak you ate didn’t clean your teeth on its own, right? Well, so does your dog.

I Don’t Have The Time

Everyone’s life is busy. Period. If you make teeth brushing a part of your routine, you will manage to do the task just like you manage everything else. You don’t skip feeding your pups just because you’re busy, don’t you?

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