Our Pick: 5 Best Dog Training Books On Amazon

June 21, 2019

Dog Training Books

When it comes to our pooches, we only want what’s best for them.

This, of course, especially goes for their behavioral training while they’re just pups.

This is why you need to know which books are actually worth your time.

In that name, here we have 5 best dog training books that are:


  • user-friendly
  • fun
  • helpful
  • and most importantly – written by professionals so you know they work.

Let’s get busy!

“Cesar’s Way” By Cesar Millan

The full title of this book is “Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems” and it is simply amazing if you are a new and inexperienced dog owner. The book somewhat gained a cult status in the dog training book world for it is written by one of the most popular dog experts of today.

Buy “Cesar’s Way” On Amazon Here

“The Art Of Raising A Puppy” By Monks Of New Skete

This book stresses the time-consuming responsibilities of dog ownership and its rewards, and it does this in a rather unique and fun way.

Buy “The Art Of Raising A Puppy” On Amazon Here

“Dog Training” By Renee Harvey

Full title reads “Dog Training: Complete Guide to Training Your Dog or Puppy to Be Obedient and Well Behaved,” and this amazingly detailed book covers numerous training points along with strategies and requirements.

Buy “Dog Training” By Renee Harvey On Amazon Here

“How To Raise The Perfect Dog” By Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan wrote this guide with the help of Melissa Jo Peltier. The book includes examples from puppies Millan raised, but also discussions from experienced breeders and dog trainers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced owner, this book will definitely be worth your while.

Buy “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” On Amazon Here

“The Puppy Primer” By Patricia B. Mcconnell & Brenda Scidmore

This extremely fun and helpful book will guide you through every aspect of raising a puppy via: games, helpful hints and trouble-shooting tips.

Buy “The Puppy Primer” On Amazon Here

Whichever book you choose in the end, please do remember one thing: patience is key! “Go in with the mindset that if our puppy has an accident or doesn’t pick up on a command right away, he’ll likely get it very soon, and we can reward better behavior next time,” says Denise Mange, a professional dog trainer.

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