How To Properly Interview A Pet Sitter – 7 Crucial Questions

June 19, 2019

pet sitter

We all love our pets, care for them and want them to be safe 24/7. However, we can’t always provide them the care they need and deserve.

This is where pet sitters come in.

But finding a perfect pet care option in your area isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

A good pet sitter must be always available to come to your house to:

  • look after your dog
  • walk your dog
  • feed your dog
  • play with your dog

The interview process is key here, and you should approach this task with the same care you would when interviewing a babysitter or nanny.

In that name, here are 7 most important questions you must ask your pet sitter to-be:

1. Why Do You Like Being A Pet Sitter?

This question will give you an insight into his/her level of enthusiasm for animals and for this type of job. If the person you are interviewing is in it just for the money, you will probably want to keep looking.

h2>2. Do You Have Any Training?

Enthusiasm and love towards animals are important, but you wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, now would you?

3. What Previous Experience Have You Had?

You will want a pet sitter who has been taking care of similar types of pets in the past. This one is important, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

4. Can You Provide Any References?

A pet sitter who can prove that he or she has been doing his/her job successfully in the past should always have the edge over sitters who are new to this line of work. If there are alleged satisfied customers before you out there, make sure you call these references and ask what their experience with the sitter was like.

5. Do You Have Insurance?

This can be crucial in case of possible contingencies. Think:

  • accidents
  • negligence
  • theft of your property…

6. How Many Other Pets Are You Currently Sitting For?

It is useful to know if your future dog sitter will have enough time to care of your pet. If she/he has many other pets on her plate at the moment, you might want to work out the schedule details.

7. Will You love And Play With My Pet?

Last but not least – you will want a sitter who will play with your pooch just like you would.

Before you go, see How To Easily Find Dog Care Jobs In The US.

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Kourtney Jensen
2 years ago

I appreciate the question you recommended asking, to see how many animals they’re watching, making sure they have time for your pet. My husband and I are going on a week long trip and can’t take our dog. I’m sure it would bring a lot of comfort to anyone, knowing that their pet with get the attention they need while gone.