Safest And Quickest Way To Untangle Matted Dog Hair

February 22, 2017

De-matting your dog can turn into a true ordeal. But every dog owner, or more importantly – dog lover – knows that nothing that involves his/her pooch should feel like a chore.

If your dog has a long coat and is prone to forming matts, you have to make sure you are very patient, gentle and calm during the de-matting process. You should also consider using proper de-matting equipment.

You will probably need both a brush and clippers.

The Procedure

De-matting should be done before the pet is bathed since matts tend to tangle even more when wet. Even if you want to take the coat off, it is probably a good idea to de-matt before bathing your furry friend, as that way you can reach and clean the skin better without matts being present.

If your pooch is not handling the whole process very well, it may be easier to get your dog clipped short and be proactive about brushing. As some matts start quite close to the skin, you will want to tackle each matt separately. One by one.

On the other hand, if the matts are not too close to the skin, you can use the clippers set on the shortest setting, as this is the most productive and quickest way to get rid of those annoying matts close to the skin.
Typically, you will need to start from the area where there are no matts in order to get to the base of the coat.

Last Resorts

If the de-matting process turns out to be too painful for your four-legged friend and too irritating for you, consider discussing with your vet what to do next. Some dog owners opt for giving their pet a sedative and having the procedure done in hospital instead.

However, you can also try a DIY de-matting solution we talked about earlier.

All in all, grooming can and should be a bonding experience for you and your pet and we hope you both enjoy the whole shebang!

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