Selecting A New Pup – What Does It Mean If A Puppy Is Shy

July 18, 2019


Shy puppies evoke sympathy in us, dog-lovers, and make us want to help them, pet them and help them come out of their hiding places, both literal and psychological.

However, not that many dog-lovers know that the shyness, timidness and lack of confidence could actually be symptoms of future problems, thus making shy puppies a poor choice to take home.

Lack of confidence and fear are usually the primary causes of shyness.

As the dog grows, fear can progress into more serious problems, like aggression and fear-biting.


Sometimes it’s about health issues. Most dogs in a litter come over to greet you and play with you the moment they see you. If a pup is hanging back looking uninterested and shy, that is probably an early warning sign of a health issue.

The tendency to avoid human contact can be caused by oxygen deprivation during birth, which can result in a dog that might have difficulties learning or dealing with his environment throughout his life.

On the other hand, if you’ve already adopted a shy pup, it is important to stay firm with him and not give him attention whenever he shows shyness. Giving him physical attention or a treat when he is looking frightened, barking or snapping at you, will only have the opposite effect.


Let him retreat to his comfort zone from where he can learn and observe the situation from afar and come back when he starts feeling confident again.

And remember, no matter how cute he looks with his sad puppy eyes, you have to establish the role of his master and he has to learn and be aware that he is your subservient, not the other way around.

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