Separation Anxiety: How Bad Can It Be?

July 10, 2016


Although it may seem like your pooch simply misses you when you’re not there because he loves you so much, there might be a different reason as to why your pet goes crazy when it’s left alone at home – separation anxiety.

Bored Or Panicking?

A lot of people misinterpret certain dog behaviors. In this instance, if your pooch decided to chew up all the pillows in your home or the kitchen counter seemed like a good place to urinate, there are two possible reasons why it might be doing this.

The first one is pure boredom, but the other one is much more serious. In a state of intense panic, a.k.a. separation anxiety, dogs can show erratic behavior.

The good news, as far as the latter scenario goes, is that this condition is treatable. Separation anxiety is often caused by traumatic experiences like earthquakes, fires, or even death of a person or another pet. What’s even worse is that some breeds are actually more vulnerable to developing the condition.

There are a few symptoms that will let you recognize separation anxiety in your pet. Constant barking, destructive behavior, pacing, and attempts to escape are just some of them.

Bottom line, separation anxiety is a real problem. Not only is it bad for your household, but your pet is probably suffering more than you know. In case you spot any of the symptoms and can’t explain them in any other way, check your dog into a vet’s office to help it as much as yourself.

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