Signs That Your Dog Respects You

October 10, 2019


The task of winning a dog’s respect, love and affection isn’t exactly that difficult to achieve. Dogs are naturally loyal animals and they have inherited the understanding of certain authority structures.

If you show them love and treat them with respect, they will put their trust in you as the leader of the pack.

Body Language

Posture and body language is how canines portray their emotions. If the body language shows submission, that means your pooch respects your authority and thinks of you as the leader of the pack.

A happy dog will generally show a relaxed posture, without any tension in the muscles. His fur will sit naturally (it won’t be raised), and he will display relaxed facial expressions, along with a wagging tail.

A submissive dog will try to make himself look smaller in order to show he is not a threat. He will also turn his head and avoid eye contact if you scold him.

The Leader Of The Pack Goes First

In the canine world, the leader always goes first toward a destination.

One of the most genuine signs that show your dog’s respect is that he will let you reach the door or the other room first.

On the other hand, if your little rascal consistently races ahead of you or stands in your way, this means he may not respect your authority.

A submissive and respectful dog will also always let the leader choose where to sit. If your dog refuses to give up the couch when you want to sit, he may be challenging your authority.

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