Tail Docking And Ear Cropping: Are They Useful?

October 10, 2016


Although we live in an era where technology and medicine can fix almost any problems, a lot of people still stick to old, yet outdated traditions. In this case, we’re talking about ear cropping and tail docking of dogs and if these procedures should still be present today.

A Persistent Myth

Once upon a time, when dogs were mostly used for work rather than for company, the two procedures known as tail docking and ear cropping were very common.

Ratting dogs like Schnauzers and fighting canines like Boxers were often subjected to one or both of these procedures in order to protect them.

Things have changed in last couple of decades, and we see fewer and fewer pooches with docked tails and cropped ears.

However, there are still people who believe that a Doberman’s tail can’t maintain its natural length without injury, while other dogs still get their ears cropped out of ‘health’ reasons.

No matter what you may think, these two procedures have nothing to do with health. As purely cosmetic processes, ear cropping and tail docking are things people do out of aesthetic needs.

Bottom line, humans tend to become cruel just for the sake of their pet being “beautiful.” Just remember that most dogs have long ears and tails because they need them, not because they want to be ugly.

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Felicia Luburich
Natural Canines have erect ears. Tail docking is done at 2 or 3 days & is a very swift procedure. Large dogs with tails are difficult to keep in the house. Persistent tail waggers do suffer injuries. Ear cropping is done under anesthesia. Once awake the pups do a bit of head shaking, as the ears are already taped into a devise and then go on as usual. Done properly to pups belonging to a PROFESSIONAL breeder result in a lifetime free of ear infections. It also allows better hearing, which dogs such as Dobermans need for proficient guarding. Ask… Read more »

shut up, go cut your boobs, and gouge out your eyes, maybe you will finally see how cruel and stupid you are


My corgi has typical stand-up ears and he has had an ear infection, so your point on cropping is moot.

He also has his tail which is atypical for the breed. Docking is unnecessary and is done for the look of the dog and archaic breed standards.

If keeping a large tailed dog in the house is “difficult” then perhaps you should not own a large dog or keep your fragile possessions off low tables. Tails are necessary for both balance and for dogs to communicate with one another. Cutting off part of an animal for convenience should be criminal.

People sometimes forget that dog isn’t product of nature but a product of human breeding. They mix different breeds in order to get attributes they want (friendly towards humans, big, tender…) so they mix breeds with those atributes. If final dog has a bit longer tail it doesn’t matter to the breeder because he focused on those attributes i mentioned earlier. Therefore some breeds can have a tail longer then it would be in nature. If you want your breed to be aggresive towards strangers, have a lot of muscles, be tolerant to pain then you mix breeds that have… Read more »

“If you want your breed to be aggresive” (forgot an s) lost me there, there’s no “aggressive” dogs, they are as raised by their owners.
cutting ears and tails, no matter if under anesthesia is not “operating a SICK human”, ears and tails are not sickness. who goes and cut the straight, long tail outta wolfs?