Tap Water – Is It Safe For Your Dog?

January 10, 2017


There’s always been much controversy surrounding the safety of tap water for human consumption. And since we love our pets so much and tend to treat them like the equal members of our family, dog owners are now wondering whether tap water is safe enough for their pets as well.

According to several studies, tap water is “marginally accepted” as a source of water for dogs, but is generally not recommended.

Tap Water Dangers

We all know that there’s a lot more in tap water than H20. Dr. Janice Elenbaas, founder of Fluoride Alert and Lucky Dog Cuisine, reminds us that our tap water has too much fluoride – a synthetic chemical used to prevent tooth decay.

“It is a by-product of fluoride gas, which is found commonly used in the aluminum and nuclear industries. It is a waste product of these industries and contains dangerous heavy metals,” says Dr.Elenbaas.

“Most European countries have banned the addition of fluoride to the water supply due to research that shows that fluoride ingestion causes a myriad of diseases.”

Flouride can cause:

  • Bone cancer
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • Disruption of the endocrine system
  • Distortion of brain cells, early dementia and decreased IQ in children Increase in free radical production in the brain

All these side effects can also happen to your beloved furry friend. The problem is that with fluoride, like with lead, the effects are cumulative and irreversible.


As drinking tap water on a daily basis can indeed cause problems, experts suggest filtering tap water, or even buying bottled water for your doggo. Safety first, right?

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