Teach Your Dog That It’s O.K. To Be Alone

September 3, 2019


Every dog owner wishes their pet would love hanging out with their friends, family, and even other pets. However, having a social canine comes with its own problems, especially when it’s time to leave it home by itself. That’s why today we wanted to share with our readers a few tips on how to teach your dog that it’s O.K. to be alone.

Small Steps, Big Results

Training your dog into behaving normally when it’s alone is no easy task if your pet is a very active and social one. However, with small, smart moves and a bit of persistence your pooch will learn that being left alone doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Start off by leaving your puppy alone in its crate or playroom for about half an hour each day. As days go by, increase this period gradually to up to two hours – this will allow your dog to adjust to being alone more easily.

Don’t be afraid to use food to your advantage here: make sure your pet associates alone time with lunch time, and you’ll see that being alone won’t be so hard on your dog.

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Finally, implement the quiet time into your dog’s playing routine. While your canine is chewing on his favorite toy, ask him to settle down for a few seconds every so often, then reward him with a treat. This way, your dog learns that quiet time is always followed by playtime.

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