The Controversy Behind The Movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Revealed

January 19, 2017


A Dog’s Purpose” is an adventure/comedy/drama movie that will hit theaters on January 27th, but the movie has already managed to get loads of negative attention.

Namely, there was an incident that happened during the movie’s production that raised quite a lot of controversy.

Recently a video has surfaced online showing one of the movie’s dogs being forced into a pool of running water, even though the canine “actor” clearly didn’t want to go in.

The German Shepherd was supposed to go into a pool of cold rushing water but the poor dog resisted going in and eventually its handler simply grabbed it and forced it into the pool.

Subsequent shots show even more horrifying scenes where the dog appears to be panicking, and people nearby rushing to help the animal and make sure it didn’t drown.

The video is rather shocking to watch, especially if you are a dog lover, and now PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is logically taking certain steps toward justice.

PETA’a Official Statement

Although “A Dog’s Purpose” is supposed to be a nice, family movie, its producers and PRs will have A LOT of work on their hands. PETA is of course furious, calling for a boycott of “A Dog’s Purpose”, which appears to be fruitful so far as the movie already has an IMDB rating of 1.

Here’s PETA’s official statement:

“Days after PETA released a video exposé of Hollywood animal supplier Birds & Animals Unlimited (BAU), which claimed to a PETA eyewitness they provided dogs used in the film A Dog’s Purpose, new footage shows a terrified dog who is forced into churning water on set.”

“At one point, a dog who is in danger of drowning has to be rescued. PETA is calling on dog lovers to boycott the film in order to send the message that dogs and other animals should be treated humanely, not as movie props. PETA’s investigation at BAU revealed that animals are denied veterinary care, forced to sleep outdoors in the cold without bedding for warmth, made to live in filthy conditions, and more.”

Amblin Partners and Universal Pictures told TMZ they would further look into the circumstances surrounding this video, before making any statements.

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