The Ultimate Guide To Taking Your Dog On A Holiday

October 3, 2019

dog on a holiday

Every dog should be an equal and genuine part of a family. As canines are pack animals, they feel sad and lonely whenever they are left behind, especially when their owners go away on holiday, which can be very unsettling for them.

However, we are happy to inform you that more and more traveling destinations are pet-friendly and willing to accommodate both you and your pooch!

So, with just a little bit of planning, you can bring your furry friend along on your next vacation.

Dog-Friendly Transportation

First you need to figure out if you are traveling by plane or car. However, in most cases, you will need quality restraints to keep your pet safe.

If you are driving to your holiday destination, some type of a safety harness or a barricade across the backseat is crucial, while you must also make sure there’s proper ventilation.

On the other hand, if you are taking your four-legged friend to the skies, you must check with your airline about their rules concerning dog carriers. Excess baggage fees may also apply!

NOTE: Some airlines don’t allow certain dog breeds to fly with them.


Anyone can get injured or sick during a holiday, including dogs, unfortunately. This is why you must do your homework regarding local vets or pet hospitals within your travel destination. If you are going camping or heading somewhere remote, this is definitely a must.

If your pooch is on some kind of medication, make sure you bring those along.

Breaks During The Trip

When you are going on a road trip with your pet, don’t forget to bring water bowls, food trays, food and treats for your pooch, especially if your trip will be a long one. The leash is also a must for those inevitable bathroom breaks.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

When searching for the pet-friendly accommodation, online searches are your best friend. Dog-friendly accommodations can also include:

  • farm stays (ideal for active canines)
  • dog-friendly B & B’s
  • camping sites
  • caravan parks…

However, always make sure you check the in-house rules before you book your accommodation. These are the questions you will want to be asking:

  • Do you they allow animals of all sizes?
  • Do you need to bring your own bedding?
  • Are dogs allowed inside, or will they be restricted to staying outside only?
  • Is there a fenced area for your dog to sniff around and explore?
  • Will there be other canines during your stay? (This is important if your pooch isn’t good with socializing with other dogs)

Dog-Sitting During Your Vacation

Last but least, you need to figure out whether you will be needing a dog-sitter during your fun holiday. Should you realize you will be attending some events at which your pooch won’t be allowed, make sure you enquire about a dog-sitter.

First check with your accommodation to see if they offer these services, and if not, try to find reliable sitters in the area via Internet.

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