Therapy Dogs Can Help Cancer Patients

October 26, 2019


All dog owners in the world know how therapeutic and healthy it is to have a dog in the household to bring joy, unconditional affection and endless entertainment.

It has recently been scientifically proven that therapy dogs do actually help cancer patients!

Therapy dogs are usually Labs and Golden Retrievers, known for their trainability, acceptance, brains and friendliness.

Well, it has now been officially confirmed that these therapy dogs can decrease anxiety in cancer patients as well as stabilize their blood pressure.

Children battling cancer who were visited by a therapy dog on a weekly basis showed better results than children in the control group when it comes to anxiety levels and blood pressure.

What is interesting is that science will take these findings a step further and test therapy dogs for stress possibly caused by visiting cancer-stricken children. If research shows that dogs have adverse reactions to this type of therapy scientists will try and find a way to eliminate stress in therapy dogs.

We’ve always known dogs had magic powers. In your face, cat lovers.

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