This Beer Company Gives Workers Paid Leave When They Adopt A Pup

February 23, 2019

Not only does Scotland-based craft beer company “BrewDog” make awesome beer, they are now giving their employees around the world one week’s paid leave when they adopt a puppy. Which is totally (p)awesome.

BrewDog’s co-founder, James Watt, says he knows how stressful adopting a young puppy can be, for both the owner and the dog, so he made sure his employees have enough time to deal with the new member of their family.

“It’s not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, and many members of our crew have four-legged friends at home. So we wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family.”

The company was founded back in 2007 and it has offices in Aberdeenshire, Glasgow and London, alongside 50 bars worldwide. According to Watt, the company’s Aberdeenshire headquarters alone has around 50 “office dogs” which regularly accompany their owners to work.

Pawternity And Mutternity

This new employee benefit conducted by BrewDog is called “pawternity” or “mutternity” (depending on the gender of the employee, of course). On their website they said it was part of BrewDog’s plan to become “the best company to work for, ever.”

”We’re not aware of any other American company giving a week’s leave to their staff to help build the bond between them and their dog ― but then few other companies have four-legged friends at their center as we do,” they said in a statement.

BrewDog’s spokesperson, Sarah Warman, said that this move resulted in a huge rise in applications from people keen to work at the company.

“It’s awesome to see puppy parental leave resonating so much with so many people. We’re looking forward to many of our teams taking time off to care for their new four-legged friends. Hopefully they’ll bring them into the office to meet the rest of us, too!”

Good boy, BrewDog!

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3 years ago

This is awesome. Awesome enough that I may look for this brand . I wish more companies did this. Even just a week or two for pupper leave for adoption and the horrible bereavement would be the a great thing a company in our country can do right now.