Tips For New Owners: 6 Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

October 24, 2017

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New dog owners often get into the game without thoroughly preparing for the beautiful but also pretty demanding life of having a dog. People easily fall in love with a cute bundle of fur, bring it home, and pretty soon they realize they know nothing about:

  • dog breeds
  • dog behavior
  • training
  • socializing
  • establishing rules…

Far too often people miss the window of opportunity to train, socialize and make their pooch truly a good boy. If you don’t want this scenario to happen to you, make sure you follow our tips for new dog owners and avoid making these common mistakes.

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1. Getting A Certain Breed Just Because It Is Cute

9 times out of 10 new dog owners will say they got their dog because it is “sooooooo cute.” And while this is perfectly reasonable, we need to perceive canines as more than just cute little furballs.

Dogs have their personality traits and exercise needs that typically go along with their breed, which is why dog owners should choose their pooch based on all the factors, not just their looks.

2. Not Establishing House Rules From The Start

Your work is NOT done after a mere process of adopting a pup. That is only the beginning.

Some people tend to bring their new pet home and set it free, without setting up any house rules.

Then, the pooch starts doing things he/she doesn’t know are bad, because it was us who decided these particular things are bad, and we essentially punish the poor rascal for not reading our minds.

New puppy owners often think their pup is too young to start learning how to behave, learn the sit command, loose leash walking, etc.

This is a mistake.

Any puppy is fully capable of learning behaviors at 8 weeks, which is why you should start setting up house rules as soon as he/she sets foot in your house

3. Inconsistency With The House Rules

The next step is being consistent with following the rules. This also means that every person who will be in frequent contact with your new pet (whether it is friends or family members) must also be involved in this.

4. Thinking Bad Behavior Will Go Away Eventually

Inexperienced dog owners tend to think “my dog will grow out its bad behaviors.” However, our little rascals do not grow out of bad behaviors. In fact, if the pup is left to its own devices, your dog will probably end up being even worse.

5. Not Socializing On Time

Even though dogs are friendly by nature, they still need guidelines and a lot of work when it comes to socializing with people and other dogs and animals.

Here’s why you should Socialize Your Dog Early In Life.

6. Mistaking Stubbornness For Fear

Far too many times have I heard this sentence: “my dog is just being stubborn.” This is usually an excuse for all types of bad behavior, including:

  • Refusing to go for a walk outside
  • Refusing to socialize with other dogs
  • Or people
  • Refusing to respond to cues in public places…

However, the fact is that, in most cases, the dog is actually just being anxious and frightened, which is why you mustn’t force your pooch into the situation further. Seek out a professional trainer to help you learn how to manage your dog instead.

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