Top 12 Best Dog Breeds For Guys

September 23, 2019


Man or woman, dogs are certainly people’s best friends in general and make a wonderful addition to any home. Certain breeds are more suitable for family country living while others prefer smaller spaces and the hustle and bustle of a downtown core.

In terms of guys selecting dog breeds that best suit their needs, there are plenty of pooches they can choose from that range in size, character and time that needs to be allotted to them. Our list is composed of the most agreeable dog breeds for young male adults looking for a furry companion.

1. Husky

Huskies have a magnificent presence thanks to their piercing eyes and are overall beautiful dogs worthy of all the attention they get.

Not so much urban dogs as (cold) country dogs, Huskies require plenty of space and time devoted to exercise, which can be healthy for the owner and his entire family.

Huskies are attractive dogs and their attraction far transcends their physical appearance as their nature is loving and nurturing, something all guys wishing to be accepted by the ladies can strive towards.

Huskies are adaptable and won’t mind their owner’s social life, like to cuddle and are generally big balls of fur looking for things to do and people to do them with.

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Husky owner are usually athletic, outdoorsy individuals always looking for new adventures.

2. Doberman


Most Doberman owners will say if you’ve never owned a Doberman you’ve never had a dog.

One of the most majestic and masculine breeds, Dobermans need plenty of exercise, which can help their male owner stay in shape, and attract attention everywhere they go, which can contribute to their male owner’s more fulfilled social and romantic life.

Doberman is a tough guy to those who’ve never owned one, but in reality they are impeccable guard dogs ready to do anything to protect their owner and his family, while being rather gentile with children they grow up with.

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Guys who own Dobermans and strive to be as handsome and athletic as their dogs will have no trouble with the ladies as women like their men physically fit and protective.

3. Bulldog


Bulldog is a tough sturdy dog with a loveable personality which can win over fans despite the drool.

Bulldogs are happy and entertaining dogs and even through they are not the most athletic or even intelligent on this list they make up for they shortcomings by having quirky personas.

These are the type of dog you and your friends can both laugh with and laugh at, but in any case they are hilarious pets that are bound to make their owners more lovable and mushy, something lots of ladies prefer to see in their companions.

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Speaking of companions, Bulldogs are wonderful to spend time with and they will certainly know how to appreciate the attention by being territorial and dedicated dogs to their owners.

4. Rottweiler


We strive to take the stigma off all dogs, particularly those wrongly accused of excess violence.

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Rottweilers are wonderful pets that require proper training when young, but with the right amount of socialization and exposure to positive reinforcement Rottweilers can easily turn into family pets that are devoted, protective and reliable, sans aggression, especially towards people the dog knows well.

In terms of guys owning Rottweilers, this dog breed is demanding as it needs proper training, plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep it from misbehaving.

Rottweilers are not the right dogs for couch potatoes and guys who opt for having Rottweilers need to be ready to set aside a fairly significant amount of time in their schedules for these pets.

5. Labrador Retrievers


Labrador Retrievers make excellent companions and are wonderful best friends that guys can rely on.

Labs are one of the most popular breeds in the country due to the fact that they are easy to train and live to do right by their owner, making them the perfect guy pets to go fishing, barbecuing or strolling about town with.

Labrador Retrievers can be low-key breeds or they can follow their owners through physical activities that are better done with a four-legged furry companion.

Dependable and mild in character, Labrador Retrievers are entertaining pets for single guys and fantastic family pets as they are super adaptable to the needs of their humans.

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They bond with owners extremely easily and are faithful devoted dogs.

6. Jack Russell


If there ever was a demanding, feisty, stubborn dog full of energy it’s the Jack Russell terrier known for its insatiable appetite for physical activity, stimulation and attention.

Jack Russells are suitable for experienced dog owners looking for a pet to train and exercise on a regular basis.

These dogs are for disciplined and meticulous guys who are focused on getting things done and who have the means to do them.

Jack Russell terriers don’t mind living in apartments, which is great for single guys, are highly intelligent and motivated to succeed and are likely to excel at most activities their owner throws at them.

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A Jack Russell is a lot of personality in a small package likely to ignore its owner’s command if it “finds” it useless.

7. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


We are definitely on a quest of freeing certain dog breeds of stigma attached to them thanks to irresponsible ownership of individuals who take advantage of dog’s physical capabilities and Staffordshire Bull Terrier is definitely one of those breeds.

Often perceived as a “bully”, Staffordshire Bull Terrier is actually a mild-tempered dog which is rather gentle and tolerant with children.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are muscular and require lots of space and exercise to keep them happy, and are suitable for guys who are used to city living but for whom space is not an issue.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier makes a great wingman for guys with a moderately active lifestyle and a moderately busy schedule.

8. German Shepherd


One of the manliest dog breeds on the planet, German Shepherds are athletic, loyal and intelligent dogs any guy would love to have.

Contrary to some of the other breeds on our list that are instant chick magnets and that are often owned to improve someone’s social and love life, German Shepherds reek of stability, confidence and brains.

German Shepherds are courageous and independent dogs devoted to their owners and who would do anything to protect them.

German Shepherds are a go-to breed for guys who are athletic, outdoorsy and spend their time out and about, usually engaged in sports activities.

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They do require quite a bit of space and exercise and fare better in large backyards than in cramped city apartments but are nevertheless a relatively easy breed to own.

9. Boxer


Boxers are medium-sized dogs fit for both city and country living with large families or single individuals.

In other words, boxers are highly adaptable as long as their owners spend as much time with them as possible.

Boxers are one of the breeds used by police and military forces, which in our books screams manly, hence a spot on our list for this powerful breed.

Boxers require plenty of daily exercise and are not suitable for couch potatoes but are still a desirable breed thanks to its sturdy looks, muscular physique and a natural guarding sense.

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Boxers are fairly intelligent and need training and stimulation to keep them occupied, and guys willing to spend their time with this dog will get a loving companion.

10. Border Collie


Border Collie may not be the obvious choice but this dog is an all-American gentleman capable of being anybody’s rather successful wingman due to its gentle but independent nature.

Border Collies are bundles of energy requiring plenty of exercise, thus they make favorable companions to extremely outdoorsy individuals.

Their physical stamina is astounding and so are their intellectual abilities, so it’s no surprise Border Collie found its way into our hearts.

Not only do these dogs need plenty of exercise, they also strive when constantly intellectually stimulated.

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Like most intelligent creatures, when bored Border Collies can become rather destructive, which is not something ladies like to see, but when properly stimulated these dogs are perfect companions for single guys and those with free time they can devote to this wonderful dog.

11. French Bulldog


Not considered particularly manly right off the bat, French Bulldogs are perfect for guys who enjoy city living, who don’t value space much and who would rather stay in than participate in sports or partying.

French Bulldogs make great companions for guys because they don’t take up too much space or time and are not ridiculously cute so their male owners need not worry about not looking masculine enough.

These dogs are not overly demanding in any way, are fairly easy going, appreciate facial cleansing every once in a while to clean their wrinkles, some food, a blanket and their owner’s presence.

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French Bulldogs love to play and will entertain their owner’s female friends with their laziness and a mild personality.

12. Pugs


Those people who have owned Pugs know why this dog breed got a spot on our list.

Pugs are simply irresistible primarily thanks to their playful personality and an insatiable desire to be with their owners.

Pugs are not the prettiest or the most intelligent dogs but are truly adorable and women fall head over heels for pugs.

Pugs are the perfect dogs for single guys as they are one of the most bullet-proof chick magnets, but they are also wonderful family pets that don’t ask for much.

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Pugs don’t need a lot of exercise (please walk your pug, though) and are a fairly healthy breed. A trip to the groomer’s every once in a while is all it takes to keep a pug clean and presentable.

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