Top 12 Cutest Small Dog Breeds

November 20, 2019


If you are among the canine lovers who love their pooches small and cute, you are in for a treat. Here we have 12 of the most popular and cutest small dog breeds that will melt your heart in a heartbeat.

Should you think there some small and cute breeds we have overlooked with this article, be sure to mention them in the comments section.

12. Miniature Schnauzer

We are starting off with Miniature Schnauzer, one of the cutest small breeds that are so even tempered you will want at least 5 more of these.

Mini Schnauzer is an ideal small dog breed for people who seek a pet that is patient yet curious, friendly yet sassy, and playful but not irritable.

These cute little pooches are also great family dogs as they are excellent with kids and do not mind being cuddled and played with all the time. Actually, they love it.

As the only downside of this breed, Mini Schnauzer owners list loud barking. So I f you don’t mind the occasional noisy “woof”, this breed is definitely to be considered.

11. Pekingese


Pekingese dogs are known to be one of the cutest small dog breeds and are great indoor pets for families with little children.

They are loveable, cuddly, loyal and affectionate to their owners. They don’t really require much exercise, but they do enjoy long walks.

If you want a cute and small breed lap dog, your search may as well be over. However, make sure you are not fooled by their size and cuteness.

Pekingese dogs tend to be calm, but bear in mind they pack a lot of attitude and personality in those small and adorable little bodies, which is why they are perfect for people who want that perfect combination of family/guard dog.

10. Papillon


One of the breeds that is unjustifiably underrated and overlooked, Papillon is one of the cutest breeds out there, and not just among the small dogs.

Although many people don’t think these little rascals are cute, we think they are just plain wrong.

If you ask us, Papillons are among the most awesome, cute and adorable pets you can find.

They are fluffy, extremely intelligent, compassionate, loyal… what more can you want from a dog? They are definitely the whole package.

If you are prone to feeling lonely and blue, Papillon is the perfect breed for you as these fluffy balls of fur can pick up on the sadness in humans and console you in a heartbeat.

9. Boston Terrier


Another great example of a cute and small breed that is great as a family pet is the Boston Terrier.

These awesome pooches bond really well and quickly with the kids, while they are also one of the most economical pooches out there.

They do not require almost any grooming and they won’t shed as much as the other small breeds, while only one brushing session a week will lower the shedding even more.

What they do require is a lot of training. Boston Terriers are prone to chewing on furniture, shoes, or rugs, which means you will have to take this pooch out for a walk pretty much on a daily basis.

8. Pug


Perhaps among the top 3 most popular small breeds amongst new generations, pugs are definitely in the top 12 cutest dogs among the small breeds.

Even though their look is totally crazy and some people don’t really consider them to be ‘cute’, we think that is exactly why they need to be on our list.

If you can resist those adorable short legs and crazy-eyed face adorned with huge wrinkles, something is definitely wrong with your sense of cuteness. Pugs have an amazing personality, too. They are full of love and affection for their owners, and humans in general.

It is this combination of cuteness, craziness and loving personality, wherein lies their magic. Also, they snore.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is among the most adorable and loyal pooches you will ever meet.

They are small, love to cuddle, and are amazing with children. They will most definitely give you all they have, so be prepared for some serious undivided attention and affection.

They are pretty smart and rather patient, so you won’t have too much work training these playful fluffy little pooches.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect choice for homes with many kids and with other dogs for them to play with, as their disposition is quite friendly and a perfect blend of playful and calm.

The whole package.

6. Yorkshire Terrier


We are slowly reaching the top of our list, and right here in the middle is The Yorkshire Terrier, widely known and lovingly referred to as The Yorkie.

The Yorkie is, according to many, one of the ultimate cuties when it comes to small and toy dog breeds.

However, make sure you are not fooled by their small size and cute looks.

Yorkshire Terriers are indeed adorable and often used for photo shoots and dress-ups involving adorable little girls, but these small-sized rascals are pretty tricky. They have enormous personalities and pack a mean fully-fledges canine attitude.

Another plus is that they are hypoallergenic and they do not shed, almost at all.

5. Jack Russell


If you are a loner who needs a small and adorable companion that will always be able to give you all the love you need, Jack Russell is definitely the breed for you.

Jack Russell is a playful, intelligent, lively and loyal pet who enjoys being around his owner. And we mean REALLY enjoys.

Prepare to be accompanied by this pooch 24/7.

Also, prepare to pamper him constantly and make sure you arrange your life so you have at least one playtime session on a daily basis, as they are extremely active dogs.

Also, make sure you hide your shoes.

4. Miniature Poodle


Miniature Poodle is probably the completely opposite type of dog in comparison with Jack Russell.

These mini poodles tend to be pretty shy and sensitive breed.

However, once they are accustomed to their environment and their owner, they can be just as active, loose and playful as the Russells.

As the breed is shy, timid and not very sociable, they need a little time to get used to being around a lot of people.

As the owner, you will need to have enough devotion and patience so your cute mini poodle can develop the social skills every dog should have in order to get along well with other pets and other people.

Nonetheless, mini poodle is certainly one of the most adorable small dogs you will ever encounter.

3. Maltese


Perhaps the most popular and widely spread small dog breed, the Maltese is extremely friendly pooch that will get along with other dogs or pets pretty well.

As they don’t shed almost at all, these fluffy little rascals are among the most wanted lap dogs in the world. If you are considering getting one of these white little balls of fur, make sure you are able to give him the time of day.

Maltese is the breed that requires human contact on a regular basis, so if you live alone, work a lot and cannot commit to spending substantial amount of time with your pet, perhaps you should reconsider adopting this cute pup.

2. Pomeranian


Also known as Pom-Pom, the Pomeranian is nothing but an extremely adorable puff ball.

Pomerians are usually rather gentle and mellow dog, but don’t be fooled by their looks. Pom-Poms can be quite feisty, energetic, and even aggressive.

They are also known to bark loudly, especially during playtime.

But all in all, these cute balls of fur are actually quite great with children, which makes them perfect family dogs. However, make sure the bonding with the little ones starts while they are still little pups.

They are rather prone to shedding, but a little grooming every now and then should do the trick.

1. Shih Tzu


It is just crazy how cute these pooches are. Shih Tzu is so cute, you will want not one, but a dozen of these fluffy rascals.

They are also a perfect choice for anyone who wants a loyal little pup that will be your friend for life.

They come from Tibet, and much like the Tibetans themselves, these pooches are ridiculously friendly and they get along well with everyone, even other animals that may pose as a treat to them.

However, if you want this extremely charming mini lion, you better be prepared for grooming on a daily basis. They deserve it.

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4 years ago

You forgot to include the Lhasa Apso (similar to the Shih Zhu) and IMO the cutest little dog of all.

4 years ago

i have a yorkie and we take him to the groomers every month and he loves it there. he is a bitter but very adorable. people keep wanting to buy him from us.