Top 12 Least Popular Breeds

October 19, 2019


All breeds are special and adorable in their own way, and therefore each of them has their own fan base. However, there are some breeds that aren’t generally popular among their two-legged friends and they have the tendency of sinking into obscurity which can even led them to the brink of extinction.

Sadly enough, these 12 breeds have seen better days.

1. The English Foxhound

Who can not like an adorable pair of huge, sparkly eyes?

Especially when they’re paired with a pair of goofy ears that flop around like silly?

Well, it seems that some people don’t because the English Foxhound has been one of the least popular dog breeds on the planet for a pretty long time.

This adorable breed is a cross-breed between Greyhounds, Bulldogs, and Fox Terriers, and it inherited the best things from each of those breeds.

It’s pretty unclear why it remains in the grey zone of popularity, when it’s energetic, friendly, and it’s amazing with children and other pets.

2. The Cesky Terrier


We guess that the reason behind this breed’s unpopularity must be that some people just don’t like mustaches.

All jokes aside, this adorable breed sports a pretty epic head fur style, but it somehow isn’t that loved among dog lovers.

The Cesky Terrier is a mix of Scottish Terriers and Sealyham Terriers, and that unusual mix is to blame for its odd look.

But you have to admit that the look works for this amazingly relaxed breed. Still, you don’t see much of this calm, quiet breed in the dog park and on the streets. That’s a real shame because this adorable dog breed is perfect for relaxed, fashion-forward families.

3. The Norwegian Lundehund


Don’t let the looks of this truly unusual breed stop you from seeing its true beauty, because the Norwegian Lundehund is as amazing as it gets.

The odd-looking pup is truly unique. It may look like a fox, but it’s a true man’s best friend in every way imaginable.

Perfect for people who like to be active, but don’t have a lot of space for a bigger active breed, the Lundehund is agile, bendy, fast, and energetic.

Did we mention that it has an extra, sixth toe? Your physical activities can only get more fun when you’re accompanied by this adorable dog! However, the Lundehund’s popularity never really reached full potential.

4. The American Foxhound


There was a time when the American Foxhound was one of the most popular breeds on the planet.

But that time has passed, and this once beloved breed could rarely be seen outside of the grounds of a hunting club.

These colorful dogs are as active as they get, and they require a lot of stimulation to keep happy.

That could very well be one of the reasons behind the demise of this breed’s popularity, as people have less and less time for activities. That’s a real shame, because they can offers so much. They’re loyal, cuddly, and they can sniff out everything for miles.

5. The Harrier


Another hound dog has found its place on this list, and the mere thought of that makes us want to cry.

Just take a look at a Harrier’s adorable face and try not to melt! Amazing for small apartments, Harriers are active, great with kids and other pets, and perfect for adventures in nature.

They can get mistaken for beagles from time to time, but that doesn’t keep this amazing breed from standing the test of time.

Still, their popularity is decreasing every year, as dog lovers turn to less hunting oriented-breeds. That’s not great news for this sniff-loving cute dog breed, by any means.

6. Dandie Dinmont Terriers


Imagine living in a world without Dandie Dinmont Terriers. That world doesn’t sound as magical as did just a second ago, doesn’t it?

Well, that possibility may turn into reality if this adorable breed’s numbers keep plummeting down.

The popularity of the Dandie Dinmont has seen much brighter days as this Scottish bred terrier can be seen less and less by every year.

Unusual-looking an fluffy, this breed has a dachshund-like body which is paired with a head that resembles a cheerleader’s pom-pom. Who doesn’t find that adorable? People with gardens probably, as this breed loves to dig!

But if you ever find yourself in need of a ground-digging assistant, this dog is the right one for you.

7. The Komondor


Remember a time when the Komondor was the “it” dog?

Sadly, those times have passed so this huge, shaggy, cuddle-loving breed has fewer fans than it did a couple of decades ago.

What’s interesting about this amazingly friendly dog is that it’s actually a Hungarian national treasure.

However, it can rarely be seen outside of that country as people’s time schedules have changed.

The Komondor requires a lot of maintenance, especially when it comes to its voluminous dreadlocks, which many dog owners see as a real annoyance. But if you have a lot of space, and even some livestock, be sure that this unusual-looking breed is just what the veterinarian ordered.

8. The Otterhound


Who could ever say “no” to that furry, fluffy face? Well, a lot of people did and that’s why this magical breed is endangered.

Less than 1000 Otterhounds remain in their native United Kingdom as the world doesn’t see them as useful as it once did.

Bred to hunt otters, these cure dogs pups are strong, willful, fast, and great with families. Yet, the lovable Otterhound has somehow found itself on the verge of extinction.

If things don’t change soon, there will be no more cute-nosed dogs running around on their webbed-feet. If you live by a lake and like to stay active, we suggest you help out this great dog breed.

9. The Sussex Spaniel


This breed’s popularity demise may have something to do with the everlasting reign of the King Charles Spaniel breed.

But don’t think that these amazing dogs blame their friendly cousins for their existence in the dog underground. They’re just too good for that.

But we’re happy to say that things are looking up for this lovable breed, as the Sussex Spaniel is becoming more and more popular in the USA.

If things continue flourishing like this, they may even get further away from the thin line between unpopularity and extinction. The Sussex Spaniel is a calm, relaxed, cuddle-loving dog which makes it perfect for large families and people who don’t like to be active.

10. The Skye Terrier


Unusual is every way imaginable, this hunting breed is so rarely bred it’s right on the front line of extinction.

The Skye Terrier is a small pup, perfect for people who don’t have the luxury of a spacious home.

However, this breed’s apartment-favorable frame doesn’t work for them at all times, as activity overstimulation in their puppy months can cause severe damage and pose long-term risks to their bone development and body in general.

Still, weird-looking, cute breed has many charms, but those don’t always work on everybody. Their small numbers are definitely proof of that, as this breed is on the verge of extinction.

11. The Wolfdog


Also known as a Wolf-dog hybrid, the Wolfdog is not a breed that can be seen in every dog park on the planet.

That doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as many people are afraid of these pups.

However, many studies have shown that less people were killed by these dog and wolf mixed pups than by other, more popular breeds.

Still, people are very cautious when it comes to Wolfdogs, as they find them unpredictable due to their wild-like nature. Less and less Wolfdogs are bred every year, which brings this beautiful animal close to the line of extinction.

12. The Stabyhoun


This versatile dog breed is as great at multitasking as every human being assistant working for a huge, busy corporation.

Still, its many qualities haven’t done much good for this stunning dog.

The Stabyhoun originates from the Netherlands, where it was bred to both help out with hunting and to keep watch on their family and livestock.

However, in the modern day world, this magnificent breed is truly rare as its popularity declined in the past few decades. This dog is intelligent and obedient, and it’s even great with kids. Who would have thought that those qualities wouldn’t save it from extinction?

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