Top 12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

February 4, 2019


When we talk about loyalty in dogs, it’s hard to say there are disloyal pooches that don’t live to please their owners. Big or small, purebred or crossbred, dogs of all shapes and sizes love their humans unconditionally.

Still, experts agree that there are certain breeds that are more loyal than others, and today we look at the pups that wouldn’t leave our side even if we were stuck on a sinking ship.

1. German Shepherd

In many cases loyalty is synonymous with the dog’s size and ability to protect its master.

In the case of German Shepherds, they are superb guard dogs that are considered to be super-loyal.

Highly intelligent and trainable, German Shepherds are often used in the military and by police.

These dogs, that originated from Germany in the 1800s, are highly active and sturdy, in addition to being able to run fast and scare away potential intruders.

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Some would say it’s easy for German Shepherds to express their loyalty when they can protect their humans, but even when there is no need for these pooches to use their power they still don’t leave their owners’ side.

2. Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet, particularly in the U.S.

Their secret is that they are incredibly patient and tolerable with children, they like to play, and are fantastic family dogs.

Large and sturdy, Labs are not known for being particularly successful guard dogs, but they stand by their humans no matter what, especially if they grow up with them.

Labrador Retrievers have an abundance of energy, are friendly, and always in a good mood. They are insanely affectionate and great companions to larger or smaller families.

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They fare better in larger environments, but will nevertheless rise to the occasion whenever they are presented with the opportunity to express loyalty, even if they live in a small one-bedroom downtown apartment.

3. Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers fare quite well when it comes to proving their loyalty everywhere they go.

Golden Retrievers who grow up with children are among the most loving and loyal of pets a family could ever have.

Full of energy and ready to please their owners, Golden Retrievers are easily trained to do many things, and sharing affection with the people they know isn’t one of them because they bring that to the table anyway.

Golden Retrievers are loyal to their immediate family and to the people their immediate family associates with on a regular basis.

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They will openly let you know when they want to play and tolerate any activity that might not be to their liking.

4. Doberman


Some of our readers might be surprised to see Dobermans on this list but unless you’ve owned a Doberman you don’t know what true loyalty is. There, we’ve said it.

Tough-looking and fierce, Dobermans are not your playful dogs you take to the park to run around with other pooches.

Dobermans are dogs who won’t goof around and they take their owners’ protection quite seriously.

When raised with young children, Dobermans turn into the best body guards the world has ever seen to those children.

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Contrary to the popular opinion, Dobermans are great with kids, provided the family they live with has been blessed with the little ones.

5. Pug


Like we’ve said in the introduction, when it comes to loyalty, size really doesn’t matter, although it might be easier to perceive a larger dog as more attached to its human family.

This is a misconception because dogs of all shapes and sizes live to please their owners, and Pugs absolutely lead the pack in this regard.

A pug’s loyalty is usually expressed in the fact that no matter what you as its owner feel like doing today, whether you want to spend the entire day glued to the TV or want to go for a surf, your pug will be happy to join you.

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Rain or shine, a pug will always be by your side, happy to just be included.

6. Akita


Large and sturdy, Akita is known as the Great Japanese Dog bred to be a hunting dog, in addition to being used in the military and as a guard dog.

Despite the fact that Akita can have a quiet nature coupled with relatively withdrawn behaviour, its loyalty should never be brought into question.

What’s more, one of the most popular stories of dogs expressing their loyalty is that of an Akita named Hachiko that waited for its owner every day at the train station to accompany him home.

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What’s more, Hachiko kept on coming to the station for nine years following its master’s death. If that’s not loyalty, we don’t know what is!

7. Rough Collie


Rough Collie gained worldwide fame thanks to the major motion picture about Lassie, which shows this dog as a loyal family dog.

In real life, Rough Collie is no different and its commitment to its owner knows no limits. On the other hand, it should be noted that most Rough Collies get attached to one person, and that person is the center of their universe.

A Scottish herding dog, Rough Collie is a symbol of love and loyalty while also playing an important role as a working dog, if need be.

Collies are beautiful and brave, and they love to bark, which is how they herd sheep or alert others of potential danger.

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The dog who played Lassie was named Pal, and it forever cemented this breed as a loving, loyal, family pooch.

8. Boxer


Boxers originated in Germany and were bred to be hunting dogs.

Boxers are sturdy and have powerful jaws that can hold down prey for the hunters.

Whether they are holding down wild boars or running alongside their owners through the park, Boxers love to be there for their owners and do what is necessary to make them happy.

These dogs are fantastic watchdogs because they are not really fond of strangers, to put it lightly, and will alert their owners of any dangers that might be lurking around immediately.

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Reluctant to ever leave their owners “unsupervised”, Boxers are one of those breeds with plenty of stories related to how they “refused” to part with their deceased humans.

9. St. Bernard


Another breed that was made popular by a movie, St. Bernard is a symbol of protection that comes with a drool.

St. Bernard comes from the Swiss Alps and it was bred to be a rescue dog, hence its gigantic size and a whole lot of fur to withstand tough mountainous conditions. St. Bernards have a calm disposition and don’t ask for much, but nevertheless give plenty in return.

They are affectionate and attached to their owners, especially if their human family has children.

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Lovable with a droopy face, St. Bernards are there to serve and protect as they provide wonderful companionship.

10. Beagle


One of the most popular breeds around the world as of late, adorable Beagles are quickly paving the way for themselves as super-loyal dogs who will always have their owners’ back.

Beagles are hunting dogs that tend to be rather loud when kept in apartments, which is what most people don’t really like. These pooches are happy-go-lucky and very gentle, in addition to being intelligent.

A Beagle that made a name for itself in the books of the most loyal dogs ever named Belle jumped to her diabetic owner’s aid when he was having a seizure by biting his cell phone, managing to dial 911 and get help.

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Now not many dogs can say the same, can they?!

11. Kuvasz

11 Kuvasz

A less known breed of Hungarian origin, a Kuvasz is a guard dog that has recently made a transition into being a family pet.

Kuvasz is an intelligent and somewhat goofy dog that loves attention and is incredibly loyal.

Easily trained and willing to please, these dogs are often used as assistance dogs.

The most famous Kuvasz is named Pilot, and Pilot helps its owner who suffers from chronic pain due to neck and shoulder injuries by carrying baskets of laundry around the house, pulling a grocery cart or allowing its owner to lean on it to prevent injury due to falling during dizzy spells. Adorable? We say yes!

12. Bulldog


Bulldogs are symbols of toughness and perseverance that originally come from England.

Bulldogs are known for their stamina and strength, and they pride themselves on being calm yet very protective of their owners.

Bulldogs are known for their dedication to their human families and are often mentioned in stories regarding being there for other non-human members of their households, such as cats!

Bulldogs are very protective of everyone who lives in their home, particularly children, and will go to great lengths to show who their loyalty lies with.

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Their bond with children is strong and once made nothing can break it apart, and it should be noted that these toughies are super-gentle with the little ones.

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Rough Collie Lover
Rough Collie Lover
3 years ago

I would like to say that I totally agree with number 7, Rough Collie. We currently own 3 Rough Collies and you are SERIOUSLY wrong about one thing. They, as the breed standard, are a family dog and NEVER attach themselves to only one person!!! The whole family is their universe and would never ignore others. Next time you write something….DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! We breed them and know every little characteristic about them. They should actually be number 1 on this list, but you put them as 7, which isn’t the biggest deal. THEY ARE A WHOLE FAMILY DOG!!!