Top 12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

2. Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet, particularly in the U.S.

Their secret is that they are incredibly patient and tolerable with children, they like to play, and are fantastic family dogs.

Large and sturdy, Labs are not known for being particularly successful guard dogs, but they stand by their humans no matter what, especially if they grow up with them.

Labrador Retrievers have an abundance of energy, are friendly, and always in a good mood. They are insanely affectionate and great companions to larger or smaller families.

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They fare better in larger environments, but will nevertheless rise to the occasion whenever they are presented with the opportunity to express loyalty, even if they live in a small one-bedroom downtown apartment.

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Rough Collie Lover
Rough Collie Lover

I would like to say that I totally agree with number 7, Rough Collie. We currently own 3 Rough Collies and you are SERIOUSLY wrong about one thing. They, as the breed standard, are a family dog and NEVER attach themselves to only one person!!! The whole family is their universe and would never ignore others. Next time you write something….DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! We breed them and know every little characteristic about them. They should actually be number 1 on this list, but you put them as 7, which isn’t the biggest deal. THEY ARE A WHOLE FAMILY DOG!!!