Top 20 Rare Dog Breeds That You Have Never Heard Of


There is an amazing array of rare dog breeds that make just as spectacular pets or can perform important work like guarding property. The following breeds are among the rarest dogs that you likely never even heard of. Check them out as they could be the ideal dog for you or someone you know.

1. Finnish Spitz

With its fox-like appearance and fluffy coat, this breed is a strikingly handsome one.

Originally bred in Finland, the Finnish Spitz was initially bred as a hunting dog.

Owners employed the dog to hunt small game like grouse; however, it has also been deemed as effective for hunting large game like moose.

In many ways, it’s strange that this breed is so rare outside of its homeland as it also makes an excellent family pet and is revered for its child-friendly temperament.

While Finnish Spitz puppies are often born with dark coats, adults sport coats that range from honey-gold to golden-red. Some adults may sport a chestnut coat. As a medium-sized dog, males may weigh no more than thirty pounds.

Females rarely weigh beyond twenty-two pounds. Lively and alert, the Finnish Spitz loves to be active. This breed does not like to be kenneled, however, and values its run of the home. Indoor exercise complements its fitness needs, but it also requires long walks and outdoor play.

In its homeland, the Finnish Spitz is famous for its barking ability and has been hailed as the “King of the Barkers.” Because they are exceptional barkers, many people prefer to employ them as watchdogs.

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No Shiba Inu on the list?


Shiba Inu aren’t that rare, my sister in law had one, and I’ve seen some out and about. They aren’t as popular as some other breeds but they have a good genetic pool for breeding,


Catahoula’s are rare??? Wierd. They are such a popular dog down here in central TX…. We have one – they are awesome dogs, incredibly smart. They are called ‘redneck dogs’ a lot – because they are popular with rednecks down here. lol


I hadn’t heard of the catahoula until I moved to Florida. They’re popular in this part of the country (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana) but not in other places.

Courtney E Shell

My local animal control is constantly filled with catahoula’s! Rescues in GA are full of them if people are looking for them.


Many of those rescue Catahoulas [no apostrophe for plurals, please] are not really Catahoulas but rather attempts to pass pitbull mixes off as something more acceptable.


If you say so QM, Here in Central Louisiana just about every one knows the difference. I’ve had 2 stocky “cur dogs”. They were very good with the kids and VERY protective of my wife and kids. They loved riding the truck and a romp in the woods. Both preferred the outside to being inside all day. They did enjoy the floor by the backdoor if they were inside.


They have missed the Armenian Sheep dog ” GHAMPAR”. It is a large breed . They are very attached to their masters and have a canning ability to feel a danger before it happens. They are also “independent” thinkers.


The Finnish Spitz can be used to hunt grouse or moose which only becomes a problem if it’s also a retriever.


No Australian koolies?