Top 15 Cutest Dog Training Tips Your Kids Are Gonna Love


Training your dog is a process that can take some time, and the dog’s whole family should get involved. And when it comes to pets and tricks, no one enjoys this process more than the kids.

However, make sure that you teach your kids that dogs are living beings, family members and friends, and that do not serve to us as entertainment. Don’t overdue any trick and don’t make your fuzzy family member uncomfortable.

Here are top 15 cutest dog training tips your kids are gonna love.

1. Respond To Name

The first and most basic of all tricks, the “respond to name” trick is a loved must, and your kids are going to love it to.

Imagine just how cool they will feel when they call out their pets name and the pet actually comes to see what’s up.

It’s also a great way for your two-legged and your 4-legged kid to bond and develop some much needed self esteem.

The child should have its own clicker for training and some treats. Do mention that the treats are for the dog. Every time the dog looks at the kid, the kid should click the clicker and give the dog a treat.

When you pet learns to respond to his name (and hopefully, so does your kid), they will be ready for all kinds of adventures, knowing that they’ll come running one to another when needed.

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