Top 15 Cutest Dog Training Tips Your Kids Are Gonna Love

January 12, 2019


Training your dog is a process that can take some time, and the dog’s whole family should get involved. And when it comes to pets and tricks, no one enjoys this process more than the kids.

However, make sure that you teach your kids that dogs are living beings, family members and friends, and that do not serve to us as entertainment. Don’t overdue any trick and don’t make your fuzzy family member uncomfortable.

Here are top 15 cutest dog training tips your kids are gonna love.

1. Respond To Name

The first and most basic of all tricks, the “respond to name” trick is a loved must, and your kids are going to love it to.

Imagine just how cool they will feel when they call out their pets name and the pet actually comes to see what’s up.

It’s also a great way for your two-legged and your 4-legged kid to bond and develop some much needed self esteem.

The child should have its own clicker for training and some treats. Do mention that the treats are for the dog. Every time the dog looks at the kid, the kid should click the clicker and give the dog a treat.

When you pet learns to respond to his name (and hopefully, so does your kid), they will be ready for all kinds of adventures, knowing that they’ll come running one to another when needed.

2. High Five


Here’s another kid-favorite, or you might even say parent-favorite, if they are trying to teach the child to high five in the same time as well. Note to parents: use different treats for the child.

All jokes aside, you kids are going to be the coolest kids in the neighborhood when they show their friends how in tune they are with their four-legged friend.

When you get the hang of it and make a progress with the trick, start involving your child and let him in on the whole click – treat tip. As far as your pet is concerned: more people – more treats!

3. Shake Hands


This trick is probably one of the most loved tricks you can teach your four–legged family member, if not the most loved.

The fastest say is to, again, use the clicker – treat combination, and an older child can even teach your canine friend the trick himself.

But as kids can get impatient, it’s better to be in the near surroundings when the “shake hands course” is taking place.

If you have a younger child, involve him or her by inviting them to watch the trick learning process. They will be fascinated how their doggy learns. Just don’t make the treats look too delicious, otherwise your kid will be shaking your hand at the end of the day.

4. Spin


Here’s a fun activity for everyone! At least everyone who doesn’t have motion sickness.

While using your touch stick, guide your dog around in a circular motion and as he makes a full turn, click and treat.

Do this a couple of times, eventually adding a hand signal like a circular motion with your index finger.

With time, use the touch stick less and when your pet can spin without the touch stick, add your command.

Practice until you succeed, and involve your kid in the whole process. Remember, no one loves mindless spinning more than dogs and children. They will become the best of spin-buddies.

5. Roll Over


Here’s another trick your kid is going to enjoy not just by teaching and commanding your pet to do it, but probably by rolling over himself / herself.

Have your dog lie down and then lure him or her with the training stick or with your treat to have him move over to one hip and on his side.

Use the clicker, treat the pup and then lure him to go over on his back. Click, treat, and continue using the lure to get him to roll all the way over, and give the doggy a big treat.

When your dog is rolling over more readily, stop using the lure. You kid will probably roll over too, to show how it’s supposed to be done. Prepare for a cuteness fest.

6. Sit Pretty (Beg)


This trick tip is also a great way to involve the kids. Get down on your dog’s level with your dog sitting in front of you, let him or her smell a treat and then slowly lift it up above him.

When the dog lifts her paws off the ground click and treat, and do so each time her hindquarters are on the floor and her front paws are up while saying “sit pretty” and click/treat.

You kids can not only practice with the dog themselves, but they will also proudly show off their four-legged pet and his or her smarts.

7. Speak


It’s going to get loud in here, so put on all of your ear plugs. Put on earmuffs on top of the ear plugs, if your kids get in on the “speaking.”

Getting your dog to speak, or basically said – bark, is an easy trick and your kids will love being involved and getting a self-esteem boost after completing something so significant.

Also, as all of the things on the list, it’s a great way for all of your children (dogs included of course) to bond. Get your dog to bark and when he barks say “speak” and click and treat.

After repeating this several times, try giving him the command without clicking. If he obeys and barks, give him a jackpot. Just let the neighbors know what’s going on.

8. Fetch


A great outdoor activity for the whole family, especially the kids and naturally, your pet. Playing fetch is not only fun for the dog (and kids) but it’s also a great exercise.

To learn this trick, your dog is going to need some foreknowledge on some other tricks.

Your kids won’t be able to teach the dog this trick themselves, unless they’re older, but make sure to include them.

Start by playing tug and say the “take it” command when you want your dog to pick up the rope toy, and then the “give” when you want him to release the rope.

Have your dog “give” the rope, but then toss it a few feet away and say “take it.” Click and treat when he picks up the rope. Your dog should be excited about the tug game, and will come back to play some more.

But if he or she doesn’t, repeat the “take it” step but this time get him or her to bring it to you with the “come” command. Say “give” and click and treat. The kids are going to love this one.

9. Put Toys Away


If only the children were as obedient as the dog. Jokes aside, this is a great lesson for the kids.

Not only that, if they’re a little older, they can teach your four-legged family member the trick themselves with a little help from you.

Get a large box or basket, gather all of your dog’s toys and put them in a pile. Point to each toy and say, “take it,” then “bring it” and “drop it” into the basket.

When the pup does this, click and give him a treat. After he puts all his toys in the basket, reward him with a treat, and say “put your toys away.”

Do this a couple more times and several training sessions, you should be able to just say, “Put your Toys Away” and he will put them all in. Don’t forget to give the dog a big treat each time!

Next put each toy farther away from the basket and work with the dog to find all his toys and put them away into the basket when you give the command. This is a great activity before bedtime for the whole family, and a great lesson for the children.

10. Jump Rope


If your kids love the jump rope, they’re going to be grateful for this trick tip. Some trick foreknowledge is needed for the dog in order to learn this trick.

Put your dog on the table, ask him to jump, click and treat. Your dog should stay in the same place so he won’t fall off the table; tie a jump rope to another object. Be sure to let your dog get used to the jump rope by moving it back and forth.

Give the jump rope almost a full turn, stopping before it crosses your dog’s legs and tell him to “jump.” When he does, slide the jump rope underneath, and repeat this several times, accompanied by clicking and treating.

As your dog gets more accustomed to the jump rope, you will be able to have smoother rotations. Eventually, you’ll have all of your kids jump-roping.

11. Turn On/Off Lights


Teaching your dog to turn the lights on and off may be one of the hardest tricks.

It’s advisable that you teach this trick at the end, when your dog has lots of foreknowledge.

Although it may be hard, complicated and difficult, it will surely pay off, at least when it comes to your children.

Your kids, even the small ones, will be amazed at the level of intelligence their dog possesses, and they will be able to give the command out of bed, for an example.

If only your dog could tuck your kids in, you won’t be needing a babysitter at all. On the other hand, is there even a “nanny” or babysitter better and more lovable and trustworthy than your furry family member? But do call a babysitter.

12. Bang!


If your kids love playing cowboys and Indians, this trick is going to be their favorite one of all! Your doggy will need to know a couple of trick so he or she could perform this one.

If the foreknowledge is there, your kids can teach the doggy this new trick themselves. Don’t forget to let them in on the most important tip of all: click and treat.

Tell your dog to limp, crawl, and play dead, clicking and treating after he performs each action and then give him all three commands again, this time keeping the treat until the end.

Repeat several times. Now say “Bang!” before giving the three commands and while he is in his “play dead” position. Click, treat and continue to practice this, eventually getting rid of your three initial commands so that he does all three together as soon as he hears “Bang!”

The kids and their furry best friend are going to be the coolest thing on the block.

13. Jumping Through A Hoop


If you liked the idea of jumping the rope, you’re going to love jumping through a hoop. And most importantly at the moment, your kids are going to love it too.

This is an easy trick to teach, so your kids can do this alone. Let your dog get used to the hoop, put it on the ground and click and treat when he approaches it.

While someone holds the hoop on the floor in front of the dog, call or lure him through the hoop. Click and treat as he walks through the hoop.

Repeat this a few times so he will get used to walking through it, and then hold the hoop a bit higher and tell him to “leap!” Click and treat if he jumps through the hoop and keep on giving the hoop more height, clicking and treating each time.

14. Jumping Over People


Here’s a fun activity for the whole family, perfect for family game nights.

If your dog can comfortably jump over a stick elevated about 25 inches from the ground, then he or she won’t have any problems with jumping over people who are on their hands and knees in the crawl position.

Have your dog jump over the stick, click, treat and repeat the action a few times. Have someone kneel on their hands and knees and hold the stick just over him.

Have your dog jump over the stick, click and give the dog a huge treat. After a few repetitions have your dog jump without using the stick, and again, click and treat.

With time, you can arrange your kids and spouse on the floor, spaced about 10 feet apart, for a truly amazing show when your family and friends come over.

15. Walk On Two Legs


Why does everyone melt with cuteness when animals do things that are so typically human? And no one enjoys a four-legged fuzzy friend doing a two-legged walk more than kids.

This trick can be learned if your pet knows the “stand and beg” command.

Make sure that you tell your kids not to overdue this trick because it is harder for the doggy to perform than the other ones, since he is not in his natural position.

We already see it: kids performing a circus act with their “ferocious lion.” How adorable. The most important tip: treat the dog nicely each time he begs. It’s only fair to be polite.

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