Top 15 Cutest Dog Training Tips Your Kids Are Gonna Love

10. Jump Rope


If your kids love the jump rope, they’re going to be grateful for this trick tip. Some trick foreknowledge is needed for the dog in order to learn this trick.

Put your dog on the table, ask him to jump, click and treat. Your dog should stay in the same place so he won’t fall off the table; tie a jump rope to another object. Be sure to let your dog get used to the jump rope by moving it back and forth.

Give the jump rope almost a full turn, stopping before it crosses your dog’s legs and tell him to “jump.” When he does, slide the jump rope underneath, and repeat this several times, accompanied by clicking and treating.

As your dog gets more accustomed to the jump rope, you will be able to have smoother rotations. Eventually, you’ll have all of your kids jump-roping.

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