What Does It Mean If My Dog Doesn’t Bark?

April 3, 2015


Silent pooch is definitely a dream come true for every apartment owner, and while some breeds are simply less predisposed to barking by nature, keep in mind that sometimes this actually means something might be wrong with your dog if he isn’t barking at all.

Medical Issues

If you notice your dog is trying to bark but nothing is coming out, it is likely there’s a medical problem behind this occurrence and you should visit your vet immediately to determine why your dog can’t bark.

Also, over-barking can cause your dog to use up all of his barks and literally become hoarse.

However, if you notice other problems with his respiratory system, alongside chronic vomiting, metabolic disorders and growths, it means that more serious medical issues are the cause of his sudden silence.

Breed & Personality

Even though throughout history canines were praised for their ability to bark and scare off unwanted intruders, some breeds simply chose to remain on the quiet side.

Basenjis and beagles for instance, might not bark in the ordinary sense of the word, but expect to hear other noises like hums, yodels and howls.

It can also depend on the personality of a specific dog. Your canine friend might not like the sound he makes when he barks and he may prefer to whine or whimper rather than bark loudly. Other pooches have laid-back personalities and easy-going temperaments, and simply don’t see the reason for all the fuss. If your furry friend is one of those, count your blessings and go pet him immediately.

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